Monday, December 01, 2008

1 Owl, 2 Turkeys, 1 Cake and some tears

Two weekends ago we went to visit with Jason's family for Thanksgiving part one, this past weekend we visited my parents for Thanksgiving part two. Zach is getting so big and has his two month check-up this Friday. Jase turns two on Friday!!! We had a little family party for him this past weekend and it was interesting to say the least. He has started to scream "no no no no no" when he doesn't like what is going on. Even if it's his toys not cooperating with him. We hope this will become a quality of being a perfectionist. Jase says every word imaginable and is saying several word sentences! Wow! Soon we will be able to have conversations. I just can't wait. Dropping him off at school is still in tears but he recovers quickly. I believe that him being around other children has helped him speak so well.
Jase loves to line up his food on the table and count then put them back on his plate.
Jase loves to count and here he is counting the grapes.

The Ames' Family getting ready to chow down.

Jase thought it would be fun to put on his cousin Bailey's headband. this what our daughter will look like. (if we have one)

He had good times playing outside with Grammy and PawPaw joined in also.

He wanted so badly to slide down this ramp that was not a slide.

I wonder what they are talking about. No one can say no to those eyes...Big Trouble!

Tasty curls, nose and lips

Jase watching his Dora videos with cousin Austin.

Look how big Zach looks in his Bumbo

Jase and Zach lounging with Abuelita.

This is Jase hamming it up for all of us.

Big mouth like his mama, so thrilled with us and his cake except...

He was so happy until...

...we sang to him. Isn't what we expected to happen this time!

This was his reaction after singing and opening his first present. He threw it and screamed then wanted it.

Jase was so upset with all the singing and gifts, I guess it was system overload.

After all the traumatic events Jase was finally happy playing with his pirate ships. sheesh

We are a family of four! (Zach was smiling at the little toys in front of him...sooooo cute)

I was not around but looks like Jase had fun with daddy and Abuelito getting a Christmas tree.

What a pitiful face because he didn't want to stand on the tailgate of the truck.

Jase with the blowup Santa Claus in our yard, which he calls "Sissy Claus."

This gorgeous owl was on our back porch and I was able to capture some great photos although it was through a window and screen. It was amazing.


Anonymous said...

In the picture of Jase dangling from the tail gate of the truck, he wanted his dad to take him down but daddy Jason didn't do it. Little Jase then decided, if you don't get me down I'll get down on my own so that is why he was dangling. Well, it was a little too high for him so he tried to pull himself back up with daddy Jason's help. I was intrigued the entire time. Great pictures and great times. Oto..

Anonymous said...

You bet I enjoy watching the Ames brothers growing and watching the antics of Jase.

What a hoot to have the reaction he gave you all after your singing to him. Was he editorializing on the quality and level of experience of the signers!!!! Will he be a Music critique? I would love to have been a fly on the wall and video tape you alls reaction to his.

Carmen Nathan is beautiful. Thank goodness, you had him on the counter and I can judge his size by comparing him to the coffee pot.
Love titi Liany

Teresa said...

Wow... Jase is two! He is growing so fast! When my son Matt was little, we couldn't sing to him either. He would cry and cry. I don't know why. We didn't sing to him on any of his birthdays or he would start crying so hard. lol... Zach is absolutely gorgeous! He is growing fast also. I am so glad you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Teresa Shattuck

Anonymous said...

What a great Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend. Sorry we missed it but we will celebrate in Va and Ohio!! My mother just can't wait to see the boys. His package{not pumpkin!!!}is on it's way.We love and miss you all so much, Can't wait for you all to come to our house, What beautiful blessings the boys are. Love,Grammy