Monday, July 12, 2010

Week at the Beach

A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach. It's the annual family trip. My family now goes and it makes for a really big group. There were 20 of us!! We had a great time together.
This was taken right when we got to the beach. The camera fogged up because it was too cool compared to the warm, moist beach air.
This year Jase didn't constantly want to run into the ocean which was really really nice. He did alot of imagination play with Thomas. We didn't get pictures of the kids on the beach which is a bummer. I may get my dad to send me some and Jason's uncle and then post some more again later.
A cute family shot of us.

Gimme a break! Jase likes to hold Zach's hand and guide him on where to go. When we are at home he will go upstairs and get Zach and patiently walks him down the stairs holding hands. So adorable.

The boys working real hard on some huge lollipops. They ate the entire things in like ten minutes!!

Our niece, Bailey. I thought she looked so cute in this picture I just had to post it.

We made a trip to the local aquarium and the boys loved looking at all the creatures.

Zach checking out the sting rays.

Zach and Elektra busting a move. He loves it when kids pay attention to him.

This shot is so strange. The fish and I are making the same expressions into the camera.

Zach and I checking out this crab sifting through the sand.

All of us minus Jason's cousin, Robby, who could only stay a couple of days. You wouldn't believe how many pictures we took and only a handful of them had almost everyone looking at the camera. Sheesh.

Another super cute family shot.