Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Save big on Designer shopping!

I am a member to several sites that sell "designer" products for a huge percentage off of their regular prices. I have bought several things and mostly dreamed of buying things from these sites. Their are strictly children and mommy sites and then there are sites that sell women's clothes, men's and children's clothes to home goods and even for your pets. I LOVE these sites. Another plus is you can invite your friends to join and when they make a purchase you get anywhere from $10-$25 credit to spend on the site yourself. They send you email updates to when the sales start (most start at 11am each day). You can even see the sales that beforehand so you can plan ahead and be near the computer when you want a specific brand. You will see that they usually have the same sales within weeks so if you miss a sale you can cross your fingers for one of the other sites to sell the same item. So with that said. Here are links to the sites I love so go ahead and join (if you aren't already a member). Maybe one day you will own a fancy designer item for a bargain price!

Children and Mommy sites:

the mini social (right now they are having $25 credit to you when you get 5 people to join and you don't even have to buy anything)





billion dollar babes (sometimes they have kids)

Women, Men, Children and Home:

Gilt (they even have vacation deals!)



Beyond the Rack

Rue La La

Row nine

Just for the Home:

One Kings Lane

Thursday, May 20, 2010

future cuddly big bear

Zach had his 18 month check-up today. I had forgotten he needed that so we were a little over a month late. He weighs 31 lbs and 9 ozs. He is 34 and 3/4 inches tall! Ginormous head too. His stats put him in the +94%

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jase Graduates his ISR refresher course

Jase did really awesome at swimming this refresher course. In these two videos it shows him swimming with his clothes on. They do this to get the kids familiar to swimming with their clothes on. Since the boys are not potty trained they are also swimming in a regular diaper which can get HUGE and HEAVY. So that makes this lesson pretty tough and tiring. Way to go Jase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how to float??

Zach also finished his lessons! I forgot the camera so these videos were taken from my phone. You can see he is really good at flipping onto his back. He was having a hard time trying to flip back over to swim to the teacher because his diaper was so full and his jeans were so tight. This is how he screamed during every lesson. It's pretty pitiful but everyday for 4 1/2 weeks makes it not as bad.