Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zach had reaction to antibiotics

Poor guy broke out in hives which led us to after-hours doctor. He is all better today but suffering double ear infection.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Last weekend we had some great company come to visit. We went to the fair twice this week since the boys had fall break from school. We went to Monkey Joe's and today we went to a Pumpkin Patch with the mom's group. Zach has been on and off with a fever for almost a week and both boys have runny noses. Zach had his one year check up and got all those nasty shots. He didn't cry the first or the second shots then by the third one he started to get ticked off and then started to cry. I had heard of babies not crying but I thought that was insane. So if he had only had two shots he would have been one of "those" babies. He weighs 26.6 lbs, is 31 inches tall and he has a big ole noggin.
Women pay good money for hair like this!

Wagon is popping a wheelie!
and off he goes down the little hill in our yard. He loves this so much.

Good times out in the yard with family.

You can see the pink mark on his face from his injury a few weeks ago. I forgot to mention it in the birthday post. Jase burnt his face on a light bulb that I was changing. He got angry at me and charged me and his face hit the bulb I was holding. Just goes to show how delicate their skin really is. The doctor prescribed special burn medicine for it and he kept a bandaid on it (which I could not believe) and it healed nicely. Now we just have to wait for it to fade.

The mouth says it all

Jase got some new Thomas rain boots for all these rainy days. He loves them but luckily he doesn't request to wear them day and night. at least not yet.
He's all smiles and he does this funny thing where he will either close his eyes when someone tries to talk to him or he looks down.

Jase with Zach's hamper. He kept walking and running into things trying to get to me. I got up quietly and got the camera and slipped away from the chair.

Geared up and ready for the rain

Scoping out the driveway

Jumping in the rain is the best

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Guess who is the BIG O-N-E!

Zach is One now and boy did we have a fun time celebrating it. Both sets of grandparents came, Jason's brother and his family and my family were here as well. Zach was so happy about his party and didn't cry at all, not even during the singing. Poor Jase was quite overwhelmed with all the company and spent most of the day screaming and freaking out. It was so awesome to have all the family here to celebrate the special day.
Zach is still just cruising around and crawling. There have been a few times that I have seen him standing on his own but as soon as he realizes what he is doing he sits down immediately.

Zach is finally getting his eighth tooth on the bottom. He has had seven teeth for several months with no sign of more till today. On top of that his nose is runny and he has fever.

I just LOVE this picture. It is going to be one of those pictures that the kids look at when they are adults and laugh.

Jase is talking so much and just talks and talks non-stop. He loves to go to school and is doing really well with not crying at all. He still loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Dora and Little Einsteins. He still plays in his room without complaints when we put him to bed and turns out the light when he is ready to go to sleep. If it's too late then we go in there and sit on the bed till he falls asleep. He loves to read his books and play with his trains that it can keep him up really late sometimes.

Party time!

Big boy with his cake that my sister made for him.

Seriously the cutest cake...EVER!

Proud parents and birthday boy!

That's my cake!

So much fun!

He liked sticking his finger in the cake and then licking the tip.

Daddy had to help him get into his cake.

Big brother checking things out

It's all good with a cupcake in your mouth.

Dirty boy

He liked the presents but his favorites was one of the bows.

Gift table. Check out the artwork on the gifts my sister and her boyfriend gave. He painted them with hints to what was inside the packages.

The present from my parents was a big hit. Good thing we have no furniture because it was super easy to walk around the house to keep them happy.

My sister and the Man of the Hour

I don't know how much Jase weighs currently but it amazes me that he is so heavy but you can see his ribs and he isn't "fat."

Everyone having a good time in the "water park."

Zach loves to point, even if it's at nothing.