Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holiday trip

Traveling almost 2,000 miles total in just under two weeks from Georgia to Virginia to Ohio then back to Georgia. That was our Christmas and New Year holiday. The trip to Virginia took FOREVER it seemed. It was a little over 13 hours. The reason it took so long is because of two traffic jams on the interstate along the way. Jase is the ultimate traveler with his blankie, pacifier and DVD set on Thomas the Tank Engine movies. Zach on the other hand doesn't really like being in the car for long periods of time and was seen literally pulling his hair out. He did watch the Thomas videos but for 13 hours straight he had had enough. After that long trip they were very happy to see their Grammy and Pawpaw and Uncle Brian and Aunt Betsy. They had had a big snow storm before we came and Jase loved the snow. All he wanted to do was push the his Thomas through it. We had our first Christmas their then we drove to Ohio to see the rest of Jason's family. It snowed while we were there which was great because we moved farther south which makes it less likely that the boys will see snow at our house. After a few days there we headed to my parent's home for a second Christmas celebration and New Years. What a wonderful time we had traveling from family to family. Many new Thomas trains and lots of wonderful stuff later and we are home. Back to the daily grind. The boys each had their "Well Checks" and as usual they are my hefty boys. Zach weighs 28 lbs 12 ozs and is 33 and 3/4 inches tall. Jase weighs 48 lbs and is 3 ft 5 inches tall. Zach was referred to the ENT to have his ears checked and see if they are preventing him from being able to hear to speak. Part of the reason he isn't talking is because I keep a pacifier in his mouth all the time so it's now only given to him during his nap and bedtime. So hopefully he will be speaking real soon.

The two monsters ready to brave the snow!

Uncle Brian showing Jase how to be on top of the mountain

Zach thought it was cold but had a good time in the snow

so cute

Digging in the dirt

Help I can't see! and yes he is waist deep in snow.

There is the trusty Thomas in the snow.

Zach learning how to jump in snow.

Is he hugging the snow??

This is what I call "at the wrong place at the right time". Jase had no idea.

Check out the gloves on Zach.

Look Grammy, I can dig in the snow too!

Christmas morning Jase did not want to put on his Santa outfit. Well, after much fighting and screaming he accepted that he was going to have to wear it. The next day he didn't want to put on his clothes, he wanted to put on the Santa outfit! .

Grammy gave them green chocolate Christmas tree lollipops to start of the day! Grandparents are the best. Playing with some of his new trains.

Zach had fun eating this and helping everyone open their presents.

If you look real close at Jase's mouth, that is the sideways smirk that means he really likes something.

Gotta keep an eye on Thomas to make sure he is going in a straight line on those tracks.

Zach and I posing

Zach being entertained by Uncle Brian or is it Uncle Brian being entertained by Zach??
Jase, Zach and me eating snow. YUM

We brought in a sink full of snow for Jase to play with so he wouldn't get so cold and neither would any of the adults. He loved it.

Christmas dinner! Check out my super cute Sister-in-law that is pregnant!
I see a resemblance

We were at Jason's grandmother's home and we had Zach sleeping in one room and Jase slept on the floor behind the couch in the room that the men were in watching sports. Prior to this I would have told you there was no way he could have fallen asleep here.

Jase and his cozy nap spot.

Our family with Nene, Jason's darling grandmother.

Jase adventuring in the Ohio snow. Thomas in hand of course.

Loves the snow and even though it was cold I loved that it would melt and Thomas would stay clean unlike the dirt in our yard that ends up being tracked through the house all over Thomas.

Check out that face of pure excitement that his Thomas is in the snow.

He is Awe.

Gotta place that snow just right like in the movies.

all bundled up

That snowsuit must have been warm to lay in the snow.

Oops he fell in the snow.

Back in Georgia at my parent's house. Zach checking out one of his cool toys.

You see this chaos. It doesn't have to be Christmas to be chaotic with all three grandchildren around! Great time and great memories.