Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wrecking ball and giggle monster

If you see the camera shake it's because Jase has rammed his body into mine.

This is how Jase is most of the day. Poor Zach.

Jase says "Swiper the Fox" so funny. (for those that don't know, he is a character on Dora show).

Monday, May 18, 2009

So much with so little time

Four weeks left for Jason's school, less than two weeks left in our house and three more days watching Reese. So much going on in our house right now. We went looking at houses this weekend and we are excited about starting the paperwork on one that we really like. It was so weird going into people's homes that were still living in them. The one that we like doesn't have anyone living in it. Jason has actually been to it a couple of times and this was my first time seeing it in person. I don't want to get too excited until I know that it will be ours. I have put many packing boxes together and they sit in the garage waiting for us to fill them up with our belongings. I have started in the office but have a ton to do in a little over a week. My dad is coming to help this week and even if it's just to hold Zach and play with Jase that is help enough. I will be going to stay at my parent's house for a couple weeks while Jason stays with his friend until he is finished. All while trying to sane on a daily basis.

Jase loves eating Popsicles so some days this is how I get him to sit in his chair while I put Zach down for a nap.

Picture is kind of blurry but you see the look on Jase's face...that is a look of trouble is coming at any moment. Watch out Zach!!

Zach drinking some water and Jase loving on his brother but up to no good at the same time.

You see what I mean?! T R O U B L E

We went to a neighborhood party a Jase had a blast. Too bad I didn't have a swim diaper or bathing suit for him. I had never seen a diaper get so big.

Jase drinking Haterade and eating Cheetos with Titi Maria. Jase was nonstop and actually wore out holes on the bottom of his socks running around for so long on the pavement.

Here he is listening to music and jamming out.

Zach just chilling and sucking on his bobo in the shade.

Look at those curls

I love this picture of my beautiful sister.

Check out those eyebrows.

Jase playing with Thomas in the grass, dirt and leaves.

Jase is so full of energy that he hardly stops to sit down and play. He did stop a few times but then ran around like an energizer bunny. He is loud and physical and all boy. He loves to tackle you at any given moment so you better be ready. We had to separate Jase and Zach's car seats in the car because Jase found it amusing to poke and hit Zach in the face. :( Jase had his last day of Mother's Day Out last week and I can't wait to get him in a new school when we move. He had finally stopped crying when I would leave him the last two weeks and I fear that we will have to start from square one with the next school. Jase is very loving and affectionate and always saying "I love you so much."

Jase poking his finger nails. He loves to try to flip mine up. Check out Abuelito trying to get Zach to do some belly time.

Thomas hidden in the leaves. And unfortunately we accidentally left him there, two and a half hours away.

Check out those two precious dimples. As of today Zach seems to be a belly sleeper which meant I had to stop swaddling him. He doesn't like doing tummy time so I hope this helps him become more interested in laying on his belly to play with his toys and one day not very soon (I hope) crawl. Zach still wakes me up at least two times a night. He loves eating three times a day and would probably eat more if I fed it to him. He naps at least two times in the day but many days he will nap three times if we are home all day. He is so big that he is wearing 12 and 18 month clothing. I thought I would be able to use Jase's clothes for him but the two month difference in the birth dates means that he has outgrown many of the summer clothes I already had.

My mother, Zach and I were laying on a blanket relaxing and here came Jase to tackle me. No matter how many times I tell him not to and to be gentle it makes no difference. I guess it is part of having boys.