Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last weekend my parents came and stayed till Tuesday night. So Wednesday and Thursday I was alone with all three kids (including the little girl I watch). I was still able to take Jase to school on Wednesday and went shopping with Zach and Reese. I was able to spend the gift cards we received to Babies R Us which was fun!! Zach had a check up on Friday and he weighed 10lbs 6ozs, that's a whoping 2lbs 6ozs since leaving the hospital in less than three weeks. Everything looked great. He is so sweet and is sleeping great. He usually wakes up for a couple hours at a time during the day and has been sleeping through the night with waking up two times to nurse. There have been a couple nights when he thought it was time to stay awake during one of the feeds. Last night he slept from 8pm to 2am without waking up to nurse!! I woke up panicked and I tried to wake him at 1:15am to get him to nurse but he wouldn't budge. While we were at the doctor's office the doctor suggested that we go ahead and give Jase one of his flu shots while we were there already. Jase did awesome and watched the entire procedure and only let out a cry while the needle went in and then he was okay when the nurse promised him some stickers. As she left the room he kept saying "Stickers, stickers, stickers" to make sure she didn't forget. The nurse put the stickers on his hands and he was so proud. I have put stickers on him once before and he ripped them right off. He kept these on for about an hour till we got home and showed his daddy. Now the stickers are on his red wagon along with all his other stickers he has gotten. I will have to take a picture of that on another day!

Here he is a home with his stickers on his hands.
It was raining hard so I put his hoodie on and he actually left it on. This photo was taken with my phone so it's kind of fuzzy. He is zombieeed out watching Dora.

While Jason watches football we needed something for Jase to do without all the tears and staying warm inside. So we moved the TV from guest bedroom into his room. It only has basic cable so we shall see how he likes it. We also need to figure out how we can set it up so that he isn't sitting inches away from the screen and not pull it down from somewhere up high.

Jase loves his baby brother and always wants to hug, kiss and lay on him. Zach doesn't seem to mind but it makes others nervous.

Sweet cuddly Zach

Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 weeks old now!

Zach with Grammy...does she look happy or what?!
Grandpa with Zach
Jase made himself a slide with a puzzle and this was his attempt at going head first. Grammy and Grandpa decided then that he needed his own slide and swing set of his own in the backyard!
Grammy taking Jase for a walk, this photo cracks me up!
Jase says "package" for pumpkin, so we went to the Package Patch.
Our new little pumpkin.
Waiting in the car for Daddy and "Paw Paw" (Grandpa) to buy the swing set.
Look at all those teefers.
Daddy taught him how to swing on his belly.

He was making sand angels in his new sandbox.
Moments before throwing sand up and getting it all in his eyes.
Here he is making funny faces for me.
All curled up on Daddy
Daddy with his two boys!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Boyz

It has been such a dream since last Thursday in our house. While pregnant I had many anxieties about this new baby coming. Would I be able to do the night feedings and be able to function the next day, how would Jase handle this new addition, how could I possibly love a new baby as much as I loved the first. Well, love is an amazing thing and you have plenty to give. Jase is handling Zachary so well and just loves him sooooooo much. He is very concerned when he cries, he wants to kiss and hug him all the time. He likes to say "Look, Baby Zach" every time he sees him. He points to his nose, eyes, ears, hair, mouth and says them while doing it. He used to mostly want me to hold him and do things for him but now he is going to Jason more often and lets me take care of the baby without getting upset. The first time he saw me nursing the baby he opened his mouth real wide and came at me saying "aaaahhhh". Luckily Jason was there to intervene and grabbed Jase's sippy cup and told him that he drinks from his cup. He surprisingly was okay with that! Sheesh, all that stress for nothing. I guess that is how it works. I have healed from my pain a lot quicker this time than the first. Zachary is sleeping most of the days and he does wake up for little bits here and there but of course the longest stretches are in the middle of the night. I have to wake him to feed him because he sleeps so long and they don't want them going more than 4-4 1/2 hours without eating. So I woke him at 1 am last night to feed him and he wouldn't go back to sleep until 3am! Then he woke up at 6am and fell back to sleep at 8am. By then it was time for me to get up and get showered and ready for the day. Zachary has jaundice as a result of our blood types coinciding. We have been taking him for daily blood tests and the results state that the billirubin levels are steadily increasing. We go back tomorrow for another blood test and then back to the doctor to discuss the next step in treating the jaundice. Poor little fellow is looking like he has been using a self-tanner. Jase is saying everything now, he repeats whatever you say and he even can say 2-3 word sentences. Of course there is still tons of jibberish in between that makes no sense. My parents came to help take care of Jase which was a great help and eased my mind while in the hospital. My mother was in the delivery room during labor and when Zachary was born and I hope that she will be there for all of our children's births. She was our "videographer" and photographer. Thank you so much for being such wonderful parents and taking care of me and my family!! This weekend Jason's parents are arriving for a week long visit to come see the baby and help us get back in the swing of things. Next week I will be getting the little girl that I watch back in the house so I will need some help with Jase and her while I tend to Zachary. Luckily the little girl I watch is a dream child and listens to me and only cries when she gets hurt. We are so excited for Grammy and PawPaw (that is how Jase says Grandpa) to come and see us. Thank God for in-laws!!!! We are so thankful for all the wonderful comments that everyone made on the blog and we hope you keep them coming.

An Angel looking at the Angels
First time puddle jumping!!
Our new sweet sweet baby. Sigh
Jase went for a walk with Abuelita and came back wearing his daddy's hat. So cute
Just absolutely adores his baby brother
His neck is so strong, look at him holding it up! After a several seconds it will slowly fall forward
Right when we got home from hospital, Jase was so excited to see us and was yelling "Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy!!" Music to our ears.
I found these knee high socks at the Baby Gap. I need to go back and get every pair they have. They are the only socks that will stay on him.
See you in a week!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

1 day old!

We are all doing well today. Thanks for all the congrats and prayers. Everyone is tired today. Lots of blood work, vitals, and nurse visits throughout the night. Carmen only got about 1.5 hours of sleep last night. I got a little more. Zach thought it was play time. We are all tired today, but we will be dismissed tomorrow. Jase is at home having good times with Abuelita and Abuelito - thank you soooo much. Our new room doesn't have a WiFi signal so I had to sneak downstairs to post this. I know grammy will like them. Can't wait to see u!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Zachary 10 minutes after Carmen got her epidural Dr Christie came in the room to check Carmen. Carmen was 8 cm and her water broke. Dr said are you ready to have this baby? And the pushing started. Carmen is a champ! She pushed him right out. He is beautiful....just beautiful. Like his brother he came out sucking his hand. We love him sooo much. Abuelito and Jase will be back soon. I can't wait to see what Jase says. Thank you Abuelito for taking such good care of Jase.


At 2:41 pm Zachary Howard Ames was born 8.6 lbs and 20 inches. YEAH!!!! Carmen did so well and popped him out in about 5 pushes!
No sign of the Dr but the contractions are now getting big and painful. 5/10 pain scale. Carmen is up walking around the room leaning on the bed. She just requested the epidural. Hopefully it will give her some relief.

H20 breakage

Jase and Abuelito just left for lunch and nap. Jase watched his DVD and sucked on his bobo while he was here. He was such a good boy. Carmen is still doing well with contractions 2-3 mins apart. She rates them 2/10 on pain scale. The nurse just informed us that the Dr will be here between 12 and 12:30 to break her water. Hold on! Here we go!!!

Jase is here!

Jase and Abuelito just arrived. Jase was a little nervous when he saw his mother but Carmen smiled and he relaxed. He ate some Cheerios and drank some of Abuelito coffee. He is now watching Diego. Carmen is good more contractions are occuring every couple of mintues.

The Pitocin is dripping

No real updates but the nurse has turned up the Pitocin drip. Starting to see some more contractions that are closer together. Carmen is starving because she couldn't eat this morning, poor thing. We have switched the TV to Dr. 90210. Baby's vitals sound good on the monitor. More to come...............

Baby Time!

As Jase would say....Ok .... so. Carmen Yvonne and myself are here at the hospital. We got here at 6am sharp and they hooked her up to the monitors and started her IV. She is having irregular contractions every 10 minutes or so. The nurse tried to check her but wasn't able to get a good reading. They have started the oxytocin drip at a slow rate. All is good watching FOXNEWS. Jase and Abuelito slept in this morning and will be joining us later after bfast. Will keep you updated. Jason