Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Because

He is so funny and I am just crazy about him!
PLEASE people no more photos, it's too bright!
I can hardly keep my eyes open...
...and my eyes are watering!
This dress makes my belly look huge but it's so comfortable!
Daddy had this coozie on his drink and he wanted it so bad. He thinks he is big stuff! Every time he see's the Georgia G he says "Georgia" and it's so cute. A girl was wearing Georgia Bulldog flipflops and he pointed at them and said "Georgia." So smart!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

So in my last post I had put a love/hate list for Jase. Of course I realized later that I had forgotten some things. For instance, he loves to sing the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, count to ten and dance to any kind of music whenever he hears some. He hates macaroni and cheese now. This past week he has continued to talk and talk more and more jibber jabber and usually in the middle of his sentence you will hear a familiar word that makes sense and then you know what he is talking about. blah blah blah blah booger blah blah blah....which means he is talking about how either me or Jason used the snot sucker on his nose and wiped it clean. My belly is growing and growing. This little sucker is tickling my internal organs which feels really weird and he even woke me up the other night digging at my side that I had against the bed. I guess he did not like me smushing him. I am still able to sleep on my stomach for the most part but my braxton hicks sometimes wake me up because they are uncomfortable when I am on my belly. I don't feel uncomfortable yet which is nice but I do know what is ahead of me. Here are some pics from the past week and weekend. We drove up to visit Jason's brother's family and his parents came down to meet us for a family weekend. I went out with a girlfriend for movie and Jason was in charge of the evening schedule while I was gone. Pizza!!!

Here is the little rascal giving you the "eye". He does this for no reason or sometimes he does this when he is trying to wink back at you. Although in this photo I am pretty sure he is giving the evil eye because of all the snapshots being taken.
His cousins had a keyboard that had a microphone on it and he was singing and talking into it all weekend. Too bad our camera doesn't take videos. He was a little performer holding the mic to his mouth and even smiling while talking and singing.
He was running in their backyard and these three photos were in action of him running past me.
How can anyone ask me when am I going to cut his hair? It will be a long, long time from now. I can't get enough of the luscious locks.
He got a hold of this light-saber and would not let go.
Having a great time with his cousins.
He was so hot and Grammy brought him his first ice-pop.
I think he liked it...just a little!
He was a hot, sweaty and dirty little boy after all that playing and running up and down the slope in their backyard.

I just love this shot!
Checking out the neighbor's yard.
He had such a great time with everyone.
He didn't want to let go of Grammy and let Grandpa put him in the car. When we ask him to say Grandpa he says "PaPa" and it sounds so cute.
Here he is back at home, my sweet little devil, eating breakfast and reading his new Thomas book that Grammy got him. So far I have been able to stop him from ripping out the flaps. But once he gets that book out of my sight I am sure the flaps will be ripped out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I had my 25 week appointment today and all went well. My new ob/gyn is so over-booked it's not even funny. All my appointments take two hours of waiting to see her for literally 3 minutes!! It would not be so bad if I just had myself and a magazine but it's me, Jase and Reese (the little girl I watch). It's pretty stressful to keep them happy in the stroller and not lose it, especially since it's bound to be Reese's naptime during some point of the visit. I measured the right size, the baby is currently breech position but doctor says there is plenty of time for baby to move. And she also assured me that there were several tricks to get the baby to move if he didn't do it on his own. My next visit is the glucose test so lets hope I don't have problems like I did with that one and have to do the three hour long retake again! Jase had his 18 month check-up last Friday and he is doing great. Weighs 31.5 lbs (95%) 33 1/2 inches tall (75%) and his head is huge (^100%)!!! ha. Here is a picture I took of myself today with the timer on the camera. No bare skinned photo due to me having a dress on today. Unless you really want me to lift up my dress and see my panties :) Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Video Time!

My parents came this weekend to visit and watch Jase as Jason and I had two evening functions to go to Friday and Saturday night. He has a blast with Abuelita and Abuelito and even gets to go to bed late! Jase is always go go go and my mother is pretty tired from trying to keep him occupied and happy. The 11 o'clock nap couldn't come sooner both Saturday and Sunday!! teehee....Thanks for helping us out so we could go out and have some adult fun!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


that is what i call relaxed

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

18 months

Things Jase loves to do:
-eat bananas, blueberry waffles, grapes, really any kind of fruit, okay fine almost everything!
-dip his quesadillas in sour cream and fries in ketchup
-sign dog, fish, eat, sleep, bath, more (which he also does for "want"), brush teeth, book,
-blow kisses and wave goodbye to cashiers
-pretend he is on the phone by putting his hand up against his ear
-loves to talk to anyone on the phone
-go for walks and play basketball with his daddy
-take a bath (loves playing with water)
-be in his crib and sleeping with pacifier and blankie!
-give kisses even when we don't ask for them
-read his books and toss them all over the family room floor
-watch Thomas on the DVD player in the car
-suck on his pacifier, which we call "bobo"
-go shopping with me
-when I vacuum
-taking medicine (thinks it's candy)
-to point at the photos in his picture books
-being held (almost all the time)
-watching the Backyardigans, Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Curious George and Thomas

Things Jase hates:
-broccoli, peas, corn (unless it's baby food)
-when you don't let him have something or take something away from him
-sharing his toys
-when you don't let him turn the page in a book
-the safety locks on the drawers
-not being able to touch the computer or camera
-when he is finished eating his spongebob jelly snacks
-when I take too long while shopping (that is until I give him his bobo)
-when we pick him up while he has his harness on because he wants to walk all on his own
-when it's time to come in from playing basketball and walking with dada
He likes to have the sunglasses on for about three seconds then takes them off. Check out his left hand being held down.
He loves being outside. He has a big beach ball that squirts water out of it that he likes okay but really likes buckets of water.
He was waiting to eat breakfast and I turned around to see him with his sunglasses on. He likes to say "cool" when he puts them on.
What a big boy showing off what he can do on his bouncing zebra.
Better be careful Jase you are going to fall!
Sure enough! He has his hand on his head telling us that he bonked his head!
Pondering on what to do next. Holding on to his train. He loves Thomas the Train and says "choo choo" when he wants to watch it in the car.

Here he is with his "hairy dog" and you can see with his right hand he is signing dog, which is taking your hand and flapping your ear like a dog.
Jason came home with a surprise for Jase and Elektra to play in. It has been in the very high 90's and even hit 100 this weekend so the pool helped occupy the kids.
Check out our little superman!
He loves sitting on Abuelito's lap and watching him do the computer
Eating some biscuits with jelly!