Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Food Please

Abuelita getting Zach ready for his first foods. He was so happy to be sitting up in this high chair. We don't have one like this at our house.

Jase and Abuelito eating dinner.
My mother boiled some carrots and pureed them for Zach.

He was so excited and and couldn't wait to get his hands on that food.

After taking his first bite, he just sat there like this for about 10 or so seconds. I guess he had to process the flavor and texture.

Needless to say, he loved it!

Since we started him earlier than Jase, he didn't quite know what to do with the food but he got the hang of it enough to get food in his belly.

Thank you Abuelita!

He just loves to swing and watch Jase and Jason do their thing in the yard.

Jase loves to have Zach around and has even started to give Zach his pacifier back to him when he drops it in the car. I saw him put his finger inside it and give it to Zach until Zach latched on to it. There have been a couple of times that I have also caught Jase holding onto Zach's hand in the backseat. Although he loves his brother, he is still not willing to share his own toys but will give him the baby toys.

He just loves it when Jase pushes him in the swing. Check out his face

Zach is still waking me up every 2-3 hours but after the second night of eating he did sleep a six hour stretch after waking up every hour for three hours. Let's see what he does tonight after eating some more green beans. Crossing my fingers! Zach shed his first tear on Sunday. He was hungry in the car and by the time I was able to pull over there it was the single tear streaming down the side of his face. sniff sniff.

I see some cute little piggys!


Jase's favorite thing to say right now is "Hey, What doin'?" He says this to me and Jason and Zach and anyone he sees. Again this is something that I must say to him on a regular basis. He is wearing a 3T and mostly 4T clothes now. They make size 7 Pampers which I can only find at Babies R Us and those fit the best although many times we still have him in the size 6. His shoes are size 9 1/2 and 10. He weighed 42 and 1/2 pounds at doctor last week. Everyone thinks he is either 3 or 4 but definitely acts like a 2 year old. He is back to loving Thomas the Tank Engine and Little Einsteins and Blue's Clues. He is our little parrot so be careful what you say!

Zach is grabbing and reaching for anything and everything. Even things that are far away from him.

If you are happy and you know it...clap your hands! Look at those big paws.

Some other phrases he likes to say.... "Yeah, We did it!"..."I'm so happy"..."I'm coming!!!"..."Hip hip hooray!"..."Don't hurt mommy"..."Whoa whoa be careful, don't fall and bonk bonk your head"
Zach gets upset in the car sometime when he is real hungry so I wanted to try and see if he could drink out of a bottle if I gave him one. We tried one when he was just a couple months old but not since. I put mostly water and a splash of juice to see what he would do. Give me a break, he was holding it to his mouth. He didn't drink much but at least I know that I may be able to pacify him if needed, now I just need to remember to bring a bottle with me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sitting and Sleeping

Jase sometimes falls asleep on his floor during some of his naps. Normally it is on the bean bag in his room but today it was the bare floor. I had gone in there three times to tell him to get in bed because he was playing with his toys and reading his books. I couldn't see him in his bed on the monitor and didn't hear him so I went to peak in and this is what I found. Too cute. He slept like this for almost two hours.
I sat Zach up with cushions around him for the first time today. He had fun trying to play with all the toys and was even shaking from excitement.

He even was catching some Little Einsteins while I got Jase's lunch ready for school.

Look at him! He looks professional.

Finally I was able to upload a video to blogger. It took several hours to finally finish uploading but it's done. Just Zach in action while sitting today.

Just in case blogger doesn't work...here is youtube.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three month ear infection

Jase has been with ear infection now for three months. At last weeks doctor's appointment it was decided by a different doctor that Jase should receive antibiotics shots. She told me I would have to bring him in for three days straight to get the shots and I told her I was willing to do anything to get rid of this infection. He is like a new person when he does not have an ear infection. So with that said, he got two shots in each leg for three days straight. Poor guy, he knew when we were going and would say "medicine in leg...hurts!" then he would say "doctor, check your ears." We actually saw our doctor at the park and he acted like he didn't know her and kept playing then later when she was leaving he said "doctor check your ears." I just cracked up. Another funny thing he said just today was when he opened the refrigerator door and said "hmmm....let's see." HAHAHAHAHA...I guess that is what I say when I open the fridge to see what I can feed him. He still cries like crazy when I drop him off at mother's day out and he stops crying when the teacher gives him his pacifier. She says that he doesn't cry again after I leave but I have no idea how long that pacifier stays in his mouth. He had lost his interest in Dora, but will watch her if she comes on. He is now back to being crazy about Little Einsteins and Thomas and another favorite is Blue's Clues. He is repeating all the words on the shows and actually can sing some of the songs they sing. His voice is so squeaky and cute. Zach is all smiles and happy to be here. He still wakes me up about every two hours to nurse, which is making me exhausted to say the least! He is now five months old and is on the verge of being able to sit by himself but does not roll over or move anywhere. Which is fine by me because I love having him in the cradle next to my bed and want him to stay there till we move in three months. If he does advance in his movement he will stay in our room but will move to the pack n play. We didn't set up a nursery in the house because he was going to be in our room until we move and our house is only three rooms and we need that guest room available. I look forward to decorating his room in what ever house we get next. Zach adores his brother and wants nothing more than to be able to see him at all times.

I won the shirt Jase has on so then I bought the shirt Zach has on. I have to bribe Jase with food to get him to sit still long enough to have pictures taken with Zach.
Taking pictures without flash is tricky with two kids that don't stay still. This is the best I could do.

Jase loves to put his head on Zach and have Zach pull his hair.
These pics just cracked me up. Get him Zaqui!!!!
Oh he loves his little brother sooooooooo much!

We are going to have to feed Zach some food soon, he really wants it.
Look at him holding on and sitting up in his swing. He comes close to falling over in it.
Here is Zach and Jase sitting in Zach's cradle. So cool to think they will be forever buddies. First we have to get Jase used to the idea of sharing the toys, he's not that keen to the idea.

Jase going to Home Depot with his Abuelito.

He had a blast, but I think my dad had an even better time with his grandson by his side.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Instead of Mexican this Friday we went to eat some sushi. Here is our plate. The little tuna rolls are Jase's.
Here he is munching on his rolls.

I made some cupcakes and gave one to Jase.

Needless to say, he really really like it.

Here is the face to prove it.

The boys got a package from my Titi Glory in Arizona. Here is Zach in the Box. (get it!)

He says he approves and the presents taste good. They got some adorable Spanish/English children books and Zach got some cool clothes too!

My sister (Titi Maria) was here for a week and she thought it would be fun to have snow in the house. Normally this is just not something I would come up with but the kids thought it was great. Jase got very upset when it was time for the "snow" to be put away.

By the way, these packing peanuts sound like clanking glass when it falls on your head.

Zach enjoyed it too.

We had to take him out of it quick because all he wanted to do was eat it!

Having a good time in the jumperoo. Check out that fun shirt from our blogger friends in Sweden.
Jase is really talking good and actually saying some sentences. The morning after my sister left he grabbed my hand and said "Lets go see Titi Maria." It was so cute and sad at the same time, his little face dropped when I told him she was gone. When we went to the doctor to have his ears rechecked there was still fluid in them so we have to go back in a few weeks. Ugh. His nose is running again and he has started coughing today. I am sure his ear infection is back and now are sweet little boy is a bit cranky again and acting those "terrible twos." His top two year molars are busting through so now he just needs his bottom two to come in.