Friday, February 20, 2009

First bath together

A photo of Zach taking a nap. Oh if we could all sleep so soundly and not wake up from people taking your photo.
I stole this idea from fellow blogger (you know who you are) and put Zach in the Bumbo so Jase and Zach could take their first bath together.

It was really neat to see them together.

Jase was telling Zach about his pirate, pirate ship, fishing boat and pirate ship.

Then Zach wanted to play with them too.

Jase did not want to share and he looked at me and said "share?". They both each thought it was the coolest thing to bathe together. The are going to be such best friends!

Monday, February 16, 2009

One proud Mommy and her sweet boys! I can not imagine life without these wonderful children. They are truly a blessing and my love grows daily for them. (Those of you with children know what I am talking about!!)
Jase giving Zach a hug, Zach has to close his eyes and brace himself but he loves it.

Happy baby is an understatement.

Oh dear lord! Not so high!!!

The look of admiration and idolization.

Do you think he loved it or what?!

Just watching his Daddy and brother playing in the yard.


Do we have a future football player on our hands?

More like a future heart breaker!

Jason propped Zach up against the couch and Jase thought it was so "cool" and kept saying "dance, dance, jump, jump, run, run".

Here is Jase showing Zach how to dance, he was really excited about him standing up.

Zach just loves his brother so much and thinks he is the funniest thing. The face says it all. (please ladies...try to contain yourselves!)

Jase painting with his cousin Bailey.

Zach showing Grammy just how to eat and suck on his toy the right way.

Jase with his PawPaw.

(Just a little side note: Jase has been feeling tons better and you CAN tell a difference after being on his antibiotics. He has been happier and easier to calm down when getting upset. So either he is leaving a phase or the ears were the problem with this erratic behavior)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Mm Mm Good!

Zach had his four month check up today. He weighs 19 lbs and 4 ozs (97%) and is 25 1/4 inches long (50%). He is doing great and smiled at the nurse through his tears after she gave him his shots. The doctor asked me how I was able to hold him he was so heavy. I said, "Hell, he's nothing compared to Jase and I still hold him." Jase weighs a little over 40 pounds now. Jase had his ears checked for the ongoing ear infection he has had since the beginning of December and yes today he still has an ear infection in BOTH ears!! This explains why he has been tilting his head back and forth, waking up at 5am and not able to fall back to sleep and hopefully explains why he has been cranky (yeah right!). Even though he wakes up so early he never cries and just plays in his room quietly. I go in there and tell him it's still "night night time" and lay him back down but he gets up and plays till 7 when we get him. Outrageous, I know!! Here are two long videos of Jase being Jase eating. He hums when he eats and it's so cute, I wanted you to see it before he stops doing it. You actually see him tilt his head a few times.