Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not too much going on here, which leads to why I am a few days late in posting as I usually do. On Friday I will only have one more month left of being pregnant! For those of you that may have forgotten my official due date is September 29th. I have been fairly tired and have had sinus issues the last couple of days which is making me feel less than 100%.
Jase went to school both Monday and Wednesday this week and I will admit it's been hard letting him go. He has been crying and reaching out for me saying "mama" when I hand him over to the teacher. Today I suggested that I stay for a minute in the class with him and she said that "No, that is not a good idea, it works better if the parents just leave." Okay this may have been easier to take if I was not pregnant and tired from not sleeping so great!!!! A big knot got in my throat and tears filled my eyes as I tried to book it out of there before someone saw me. Then I realized I had forgotten to sign him in so I had to turn back around. The teacher had given him his pacifier and a cookie and he was following her and not screaming anymore. This made me feel better but it was too late, it took me a half hour to try not to cry, that darn lump would just not go away. They say if you start them young it's easier for them so I guess this wasn't early enough. The teacher has assured me that he will get used to it but it will take him sometime since he hasn't been anywhere but home in over a year. Both days when I picked him up he was exhausted looking and so relieved to see me. I would say excited to see me but the look is not of excitement and the whimpering noise he makes is not the sound of excitement either. I have discovered that my son sweats and gets red cheeks more than any other kid in his class. By looking at them all you would never know that the other children had been outside. He went to sleep shortly after I fed him after we got home and sleep his regular hour and a half today which was good. I am still picking him up early at 1130 for a few more times and then on the off days trying to get his naps later and later so eventually he can stay the full four hours. I really do hope that he starts to enjoy going and not cry as soon as he realizes where we are.
Jase has started using two word sentences which is very exciting! For example, the other day he said "Mama go?" for "Where did Mama go?". He is able to identify some colors. He knows red and knows that his train Percy is green and Thomas is blue. He likes to tell you what numbers he sees on his blocks or books or TV. He is also able to identify letters. His favorite is "O" and yesterday he said that "Z" was "N" which I thought was pretty cool because it is the same shape just turned to the side. I need to find or make some flash cards so we can practice more often.

Me at the end of my 35th week







Jase fell in the kitchen and bonked his head. Within one minute this is what was on his forehead. NOT that you can notice anything else but look at that smile. UGH.
Needless to say I had a sick feeling in my stomach for sometime after that.
The doctor says it's good if they immediately get a bump and not to be alarmed at how big and quickly it appears. Fore warning for all those parents that haven't experienced this before.
I was attempting to get a shot of the mark the next day so this will do. MUCH better as you can see.
Could you just eat him up for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert??!!
He's getting sooo big...about 35 pounds now!!
This was another attempt to get the mark on his forehead and the red cheeks and sweat from playing at school. I thought for sure the mark would be huge and so noticeable but it barely showed up. Can't get a descent shot when I need it, he moves too fast for me now!

This is a video of my showing you how the stomach muscles seperate when pregnant. All I am doing is lifting myself up from laying down, kind of like a "crunch" movement. Some woman never get the muscles to go back together. FREAKY!! Jase's stomach does this same thing but not as big, I guess they don't fuse till later in life. Not sure what is happening to my video but here is a link to view it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Jase had his first day of "Mother's Day Out" and he did pretty good. I took him at 930 am and he went straight into the teacher's arms. She offered him a cookie but he handed it back to her. He immediately wanted down and ran to the toys. He didn't even acknowledge me when I tried to say good-bye. They said later that he realized I was gone and was crying. He was comforted and went back to playing then cried again. Poor guy I wonder what he was thinking! So they said he had a great time playing outside and the half cup of sand in his shoes were proof. He also ate all of his lunch. I picked him up right after lunchtime which was 1230pm. The class lasts till 130pm but I was not sure he would make it to then since his usual nap is at 1100am! He was very happy to see me and his little eyes were red and he looked so drained. I should have picked him up sooner though because he was so exhausted that when we got home it took him two hours to fall asleep. He is sleeping right now so we shall see how long he stays asleep and how messed up he will be later tonight. Maybe at his next class on Wednesday I will pick him up at 1130am when they come in from playing outside. So we can make this a little more gradual on his sleep schedule. Some of you may wonder why I am taking him to this program but I am hoping this will help him with his social skills and give him an opportunity to get out of this house. Poor guy gets bored being locked up in here and when baby comes we will definitely be a family of hermit crabs for a while. I am looking forward to it cooling off outside so that I can take the kids outside at any time of the day and not worrying about them getting too hot and me melting in the process! I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked of today's events but here is what I got.

There are only 5 kids signed up for Monday class and here he is checking out the toys.

Here's a picture of the lunch I made him and he ate all of it. They are supposed to have a lunch box they can carry so this container goes inside the lunch box.
This is the lunchbox that he picked out. He had a chose of Monkey or Frog and he clearly chose the frog. He wanted nothing to do with the monkey when we held them both up at the store to choose from.
I keep getting request for more belly shots so here I am at 34 weeks today.
Taking self portraits is interesting!

Friday, August 15, 2008

End of 33 Weeks

Has anyone noticed on the sidebar how many days left I have before I am supposed to give birth??!! Holy cow, it's just around the corner. I am at the end of my 33 week and feeling great. I just can't believe how different my belly feels this time. I look the same but I am not feeling stuffed yet. I have had some swelling but not nearly as bad as the first time. It is probably because I am not stuck at my desk for 9 hours. Not that I do much around the house with the kids but I am not sitting down the entire time. I do run out of breath easy and sweat like a pig at times. The line on my belly hasn't gotten as dark as last time either. The one thing that is the same unfortunately is my pattern of sleep...terrible! I toss and turn all night and part of the night I am in that awake but asleep state and I can't even blame it on having to go to the bathroom because I usually don't have to but do since I am awake. Still no first name for those of you dying to know. The middle name will be Howard for Jason's grandfather and by coincidence my grandfather's middle name as well! I had a doctor's appointment today and I was able to go alone because Jason was able to meet me there and switch cars with me and take the kids home. My doctor visits always take 2hours from check-in to check-out. They told me the doctor is overbooked until October...ummm that is after my baby is born. Ugh. Try keeping Jase happy in a stroller for two hours. Hello DVD player!!!!!! Anyway, it was such a relief to go by myself that I felt like a new woman afterwards. I am doing good they say and have gained 20 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Woohoo!!!!!! I already weighed way more than I would like and I am now knocking on the dreaded 2-0-0 door! :( I also found out that if this new doctor would have been my doctor for Jase's birth that I would not have been put through the torture chamber and given an epidural shortly after I got to the hospital. I literally could murder my previous doctor for almost making me want to never go through labor again.
This past week we went to Warner Robins to check out the area where we will live. Trying to scope out some potential neigborhoods and get a feel for what we want to do. It's less than 10 months from when Jason will be done. We will have to put our house on the market but don't want to do it too early or too late. Either way real estate is still pretty decent in this area so hopefully it won't take too long to sell it. I have been watching Designed to Sell almost everyday to get an idea of what sells a house and have come to the same conclusion each money equals no design. ha. I will keep you posted on that. While we were there I did get to see one of my college friends, Angela, that will soon become my neighbor. Jason and I also celebrated our three year anniversary on Wednesday. We are having some of Jason's relatives coming to visit us for the weekend and we are very excited about that.
Me and my beautiful friend Angela
Jase sitting on the couch reading.
Jase and I reading on the kitchen floor while I cooked.
Flowers from my parents for our anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Long video of my stomach moving a little.
Video of Jase talking with Daddy and playing.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Week at the Beach!

We are back from the beach. There were a total of 12 adults and four children in a duplex on the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. One side of the house had my family and the other side had Jason's family. Jase was so excited when we got there and immediately said "Ocean" when he saw the water and beach. We couldn't believe he knew what it was in person versus photos. At first he was afraid of the water but after a couple of days of testing out the water his fear was gone with the tide. All he wanted to do was dart right into the water. He gave Jason, my dad and Jason's dad a workout when he was out there. It was so hot and the sun was so intense that he and I would stay inside in the morning then he would nap (I would catch some rays on the porch) then he would wake and eat lunch and finally we would head out to the beach. As the photos and videos show below we had a great time! It was so nice of Jason's family to invite my family to go on their yearly trip that they have been making for 20+ years.

We had just gotten to the beach house before anyone else and Jase was very excited and jumping on my suitcase.
Here he is running around so excited the night we got there. That is the house we stayed in on the left and me strolling down. (I am not a fan of dirty sand in my toes)
The look of pure thrill
He found a hole that someone else had dug and he was going in but didn't want to touch the sand with his hands.
He's in!

This stuff feels weird he says.
Cousin Elektra in the hole too!
So so so excited to be at the beach!
My dad was feeding the seagulls on the porch. Jase thought it was pretty neat to have all the birds hovering. watch out for poo!
Here is a picture of me and my belly and Maria. (sorry Maria, you were in all the shots of my belly!)

The kids table for dinner, Jase would already be asleep by the time dinner was served. Sorry buddy, you missed the party.
Jason and I celebrated our birthdays during our vacation. Here is the gift I gave him. Pictures turned out good but boy is it the most stressful thing to get Jase to do!
Jase watching TV with his Grammy.
Out to dinner and Jase eating the butter!
Maria and me

My birthday crableg dinner. yum
Austin and Bailey helping me eat my birthday dessert.
it was windy!
Jason's brother, Brian walking with Jase. How freaking adorable is that shot!?
Not everyone wanted to watch the Little Einsteins movie so Jason made Jase his own seat.
Jase trying on Elektra's sunglasses, upside down.
Jase thought my dessert was pretty good, here is inspecting it to make sure there is some chocolate on that spoon.
Elektra with Abuelito's hat on and her chic shades that Titi Maria got her.
Happy fellow in the water

Hold on tight Grandpa!
That is a happy face!
Elektra loving on her daddy.
My brother, Mario aka Quique, wanted to be buried in the sand. They even gave him a cross.
Here we all are (minus Jason's cousin Robby). GOOD TIMES!!