Monday, April 21, 2008

Jase had his latest checkup on Friday. He weighed 29.5 and1/2 (I mean why could they not round it up?) which makes him in the 93%, he is 33 inches tall which puts him in the 80% and his head measured big as usual making plenty of room for that smart brain of his. He got two shots which is just so sad when they jab the needle in his leg as hard as they can. He is officially now down to one nap a day. On my last post I forgot to say that he has stopped nursing. It's been two weeks now. My body stopped producing milk even though I was still nursing him twice a day. I guess my body is getting the milk ready for the new baby. He was just fine with it and never asked for it when I decided to try and see what he would do if we skipped a feeding. I was so torn on what to do and how was I going to wean him and if I was going to wean him at all. So this was easier that my body gradually made the decision for us and it worked out best. He has his molars trying to come through still but it will be sometime before the finally come out. He doesn't seem too bothered by them just yet. I posted many photos of him this time because I just couldn't pick a couple.
This is a photo of the bruise on his forehead from falling down. Poor fellow
He really likes to whack his golf balls!
Looking to see what mama is doing.
Cutest rearview I know

He was having a big time playing in the backyard with Abuelita.
one thirsty guy
Sometimes after he drinks he says "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" like it was real good.

He loves talking and telling big stories and uses his hands to express himself.
He new favorite thing to do is scream for no reason.

Looking at the pictures and videos on Abuelita's camera.
These are some tasty rocks

He loves his Chopper dog
My two hunter men
He looks upset but he wasn't. This was his first haircut. I trimmed his bangs a little shorter than I wanted but they are still cute.
Does this lady know what she is doing with those sharp objects in my face?
Here he is with his new bangs!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

16 months and ten days :)

I had bought a bathing suit for Elektra and wanted to see if it would fit her so I tried it on Jase. Needless to say...he did NOT like it!
Here he is with a book of illustrations that Titi Maria gave him from her work. If you saw some of the photos you would question why he likes it so much.
Here he is getting a special treat from Daddy's drink. I mean this guy looks like he has been drinking like this for years.
I just love this photo!
Poor guy was not happy in this pic but I thought it was too cute. Check out those feet.
Here he is with our friend's daughter, Georgia. (a.k.a. future girlfriend)

Seriously look at the way they are looking at each other. soooooo cute

Eating breakfast holding on to my makeup brushes that he got from the bathroom. I am still missing one and have no idea where it went. hmmm...

Playing at Nicolas' house with Nicolas, Jack and Bowen.

Here is a picture of Jack playing dress up with girly shoes and a wand!

It was so cute to see him and Nicolas together because they are only one month apart in age.

Here is a precious shot of Elektra painting.

He kept putting the ball in the basket and afterwards he would sign DADA. Which is so neat because Jason takes him to the big basketball goal in our neighborhood so he was able to associate the two. Jason was still in Canada when these pictures where taken, so Dada was not even there.

He is turning his head sideways because Abuelito had his head turn sideways to take the shot of him.

He was sooooooo excited to be riding in the Vette with Abuelito. They made a trip to a few stores and he danced and talked the entire time. My father said that he will bring Jase on more store trips since he discovered that Jase is a "Chick Magnet."

I just thought these two shots of him in the rearview were neat.

I wonder what he is thinking in this shot.

He had a lot of things to talk about and you can see it in this photo.

Many people have asked how I am feeling and when I am going to post photos of my belly on the blog. Well folks, I must admit that I think my stomach does look like I am pregnant or need to lose weight but it's not that cute pregnant belly yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks when my fat deposits get smoothed over I will post photos. Otherwise, I am feeling great and heard the heartbeat today. I have been feeling the light little precious taps in my belly. I am 16 weeks and will find out in four weeks what we are having.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I can't upload this video the correct way so hopefully you can view it this way. You may have to copy and past this url.
Watching your child grow and develop is just amazing. Jase is really starting to say more words now. Today he has even said words on his own without being asked to say them. For instance, we were in his closet getting an outfit to wear and he pointed to his shoes and said "shoes" and then he came over to me with his arms up and said "up". What a proud moment. Words that he can say clearly are shoes, trash, coke, jack, jase, block, up and of course dada. The signs he can do are dog, dada, bath, brush teeth, sleep, more, eat, light, fan, banana, bird, plane, ball, bye-bye and he blows kisses too. (not sure the last one counts as a sign but I will) Has anyone noticed that he doesn't say mama or sign mama! He eats pretty much anything and sometimes depending on the situation he will eat something he normally doesn't. Like last Friday he and I went to Waffle House and ate breakfast together, he normally doesn't eat eggs but he ate them up there. Along with the smothered, covered hashbrowns, sausage, toast and waffle. It's funny that now I go to Waffle House with my 15 month old son early in the morning when just a few years ago the only time you would see me in Waffle House would be at 3am after a night at the bars. HA! Jase has become a little fiery and now yells and hits when he gets mad, usually when we take something away from him. He knows that it is something he isn't supposed to do and as soon as he does it he will wrap his arm around my neck and lay his head on my shoulder. Come on! How can you get mad at that? It's hard to teach him not to do something when he apologizes immediately afterwards. One of his favorite things to do is rip out all the little flaps in his books. So I have to put up any books that I want to save for later. (Don't worry Erin, I put yours up before he could rip them out) Another favorite is climbing on the couch and sitting for a few minutes and also getting up on the coffee table. This made my dad nervous as heck when they came to visit. He doesn't do it as much as he did at first and I think it's because I don't make a big deal out of it. He usually likes to do things if I don't want him too. These first few photos were taken two weekends ago when my parents were here then the rest were taken this past weekend.
What on earth is he playing with ??!!What a sweet moment with Abuelito

He was not happy with Abuelita for putting hair barrettes on him. Hence the tears in his eyes.
Last Friday we went to a cookout with some friends.
Having fun with one of Jason's best friends.

Watch out for trouble!!
Jax, Nate and Jase hanging out
We had to lock up the boys in the back of the truck so we could contain them.
Yummy hamburger
Hey, who gave this kid a can? Oh yeah, that was me to keep him happy. Safe I know!