Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Virginia

We made our long journey to Virginia and have had several great days here. Tomorrow we head to Ohio for several more days. Then back to Atlanta to celebrate Christmas with my family. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!
Jase did amazing for his photo with Santa. We just were on pins and needles knowing that he would just lose it once placed on Santa's lap. To our surprise he sat there and looked at Santa and then at the camera for. The cousins, Austin and Bailey, joined in for a family shot. Of course Zach just was cozy right on that jolly old man's lap.
Jase checking out Zach's new toy.

Jase didn't want to sit still for this shot and this is the best one we got. Zach just cooperating and not caring as long as someone is holding him.
A little while later having a fit for who knows what reason. A toy probably wasn't cooperating with him. Jason thought it would be funny to capture the moment on film.

He got so many things that it was all so much and we had to help him in order to get them all open.

One of his favorite toys, the Birthday Thomas train. He is doing ChooChoo with his mouth.

Uncle Brian trying to talk to him and pestering him...he was not amused.

Enjoying his snow globe.



Maria said...

Merry Christmas! Great photos. Love the little santa suits.

Anonymous said...

LOVE YA'LL!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE AMES'S (is that right?!?) Safe travels to Ohio and back, see you when you get baack!


Anonymous said...

Great moments! Nice. Santa brought Jase a case of Kleenex tissues :-) Great idea to dress the boys up as Santa helpers.... Can't wait to see Zach play with Zaqui... Oto

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas...Sy hello to the Ames. I love the Santa helpers suits.
Love and hugs from Titi Liany

Mrs. V said...

What great fun, love those gorgeous photos, can't wait for our turn. My favorite was Jase's look at Santa...."Oh, looks just like Oto."

Choppy misses you terribly, he won't stop whinning.....hee hee.

Say hello to the Ames crowd for us.

Meaghan said...

Wow! So much traveling!! Jase's hair is getting SO LONG! It makes him look like such a handsome little boy!

Merry Christmas to y'all!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss ya'll SOOOOO much!!! these photos bring back the excitement and feelings of Christmas morning. We loved every second of it all. Thanks for your huge effort to make it all happen. Nene REALLY appreciated the effort. It was very good for her. She couldn't wait!! Love Grammy XOXOXO and hugs!!!!