Friday, February 11, 2011

School Time!

Jase started school last week. Add ImageIt all happened so quickly. When I registered him they said they would get in touch with me in 2-4 weeks and he would probably be tested again to determine what classroom or services they would be able to provide for his needs. Well a few days later we got a phone call that we needed to meet to sign papers because there was an opening at the nearest elementary school for Jase in a special education pre-k program. They decided to accept his IEP as it was for the next sixty days then re-evaluate it to determine if they need to retest him and change the IEP. I went in the next Monday and signed papers and they said that he would start the next day, go five days a week and the school hours are 8:20-3:00. Gulp! What?! Oh boy this threw me for a loop. They then asked me if we wanted to sign up for the school bus. I said that we could sign him up and we would see how it would go. After driving him to school a couple of days and getting us all ready and then take him and Zach out of the car to take him inside I knew that the bus would help with the stress of rushing around to get him there on time. Then they told me I would have to arrive at school an hour before it was let out to sit in the front of the car pick-up line to wait for an hour for him to be released. With Zach in tow that just wasn't reasonable since he needed to be napping during that time. So the bus picks him up at 7:30 and he gets home at 3:25. It's a long day but it's so worth it. His teacher is really nice and is understanding of his needs and know just how to help him. When he gets home he goes straight to his trains and plays alone. I try to ask him questions about school but mostly he says he doesn't know and isn't interested in discussing it. But he doesn't quite have the skills to be able to have a conversation and to recollect the day's events. He is really happy and hasn't even cried. Makes us feel really good and hopefully he will be mainstreamed by the time he enters kindergarten or 1st grade.

We found out who sent the ISPY book! My lovely friend, Dee, from where we moved from. The boys are usually fighting over who is going to look at it. The still love reading books which is so great and cute.

Here is Jase getting off the bus for the first time. We had him ride home from school the first two days so that he could get used to it with someone else putting him on instead of fighting me at 7:30am. Well it worked out really well and he is just fine getting on and off the bus. Even though
he says he doesn't need to go he has a smile on his face when he walks to the bus.

Jase still prefers to play with his trains in the playground over playing on the equipment.

Zach and I have been having good times with it just being us. He is still fiery, bossy and demanding as always. But it's good for him to have this time. I went to find a preschool for him and the first church we went to was a dud for his age group. They had no schedule or art activities for him to do. Just playing in a tiny room with two older ladies supervising them. The older children had a more structured schedule so maybe we will send him there next year. So hopefully I can find another one for him to go to now. During that time I am going to be able to help Jason more with his office stuff and be able to run errands with no one in tow.

The boys do play with each other but many times there is a mishap. Zach loves to aggravate Jase and crash his trains and piles of dirt. But Jase does try to share and talk
Jase's behavior has really improved and many would not believe what has transformed since last even last year. Amazing really. He is the one I prefer to take shopping and out to eat and I can't even believe it.

Zach is such a big and brave boy. Just fearless and check him out going up this rope wall .

I got lucky with this picture. I had to run around the slide and stick the camera into the slide and just snap it. I knew that he was not going to wait for me and I knew that he probably wasn't going to cooperate and go down the slide for me again.