Monday, December 18, 2006

Crowns, Crowns Everywhere!

Check out Baby Jase in his adorable bodysuit that came all the way from Sweden. Our fellow blogger friend, Linda, sent my mother and me a package. She sent us candy, Swedish Christmas napkins, magnet, a stocking that says Merry Christmas in Swedish, beautiful drawings by Olivia (her three year old daughter) and then this outfit that has Swedish Crowns all over it! It's kind of big but in no time he will fit in it. Thank you so much Linda, Olivia and Isak!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Surprises from Ohio

Look at what came from my Titi (Aunt) Liany! She sent tons of great stuff. She even knitted a beautiful blanket, two knit caps and two pair of booties. There were some hilarious bibs, fun chime toys and pewter cross to hang in his room, two feeding spoons that have his initials and his name on them along with the silver cup that has his first and middle name on it. The baby's first christmas ornament is up on the tree already (as you can see in the last photo). This is a picture of Baby Jase with the blanket and one of the knit caps she made!! So cute. Thank you so much Titi Liany!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First Week

Boy oh Boy has this been one of the best weeks in our lives. Baby Jase is the sweetest thing to happen to us. We have had many visitors and today is the first day that it's just the three of us. This morning Jason had to go to school to take a test so it was just me and baby this morning. Jase is eating about every two to three hours and I am just getting used to waking up about three times a night until it's finally morning. It's not so bad really, just something new. My body is feeling better and my stitches are healing nicely and don't hurt so much anymore. I have minor aches and pains in my abdomen that are slowly becoming less and less. My stomach is shrinking up and it's amazing that he was once in there!! My parents went home Sunday, Jason's parents came Saturday morning and left Tuesday evening and we also had a visit from Jason's brother, Tim, and his family on Sunday. It was so nice that everyone could come and see us. We had our first doctor's appointment Saturday morning since I am breast-feeding they wanted to see the baby within 48 hours to make sure he wasn't losing too much weight. Well he had not lost any weight since we left hospital so that is awesome. His next appointment is Tuesday 19th. Hopefully this next appointment will go a little more smooth. His first appointment was quite a comedy! First they tell us the wrong time so we show up an hour early, forget the diaper bag so we go to Target to get diapers and wipes and I also needed to get some newborn plain white onesies for his undershirts. So then we go back to the doctor and we have to change his diaper because he had pooped in it. So as we are changing the diaper he urinates all over the place and of course the whole time he is screaming because it is like antartica inside the doctor's office! We just busted out laughing because it was just so perfect to happen to us the "New Parents!!" It was awesome. He did so good when being examined and they said his coloring was good and he was a "keeper."

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birth Day Jason Matthew Ames Jr!!!

We just got home from the hospital a few hours ago and I just wanted to let everyone see photos of our new baby. He was born December 5th, 2006 at 2:32pm, he weighed 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. Can you believe that was inside of me??!! We are so excited and in a couple of days I will share the entire experience in detail. I hope you enjoy the photos.