Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jason playing the guitar and singing to Zach who is laying on a pillow on top of the desk. sigh. so freaking precious!
I got my hair cut off and this is the only pic I have to show it off. Of course this is right after coming home from salon so it's perfect looking. Anyone willing to donate to the shiney hair fund can do so at any time. It takes a fund to afford the products she used on my head.

Maria gave Jase a bath and afterwards he wanted to sit on the couch with her. This is her hair later that evening after getting hers cut as well.

This is a shirt that I won on the ResaDesign blog for Jase. I ended up ordering a Little Brother shirt for Zach to match Jase's. And wouldn't you know that Zach will outgrow his in a week or so and it's a size 3-6 month!! I should have known better. Check out the adorable hat that he kept on because it was velcroed around his neck. I just now need to figure out how to keep baseball hats on his head. Velcro may look a little silly then.

This is his fake cry face. I am so glad I was able to catch it in action.

Holy cow! Who is this man holding my baby???? Well, it's Abuelito with a shaved face and all his hair chopped off. This was a little traumatizing for everyone in the family but we are getting used to it. Jase wasn't too sure about him at first and I think it sent him into a crying fit after they arrived. It's the only thing I can think of to explain how Jase was acting when they got here.

My mother had taken Jase for stroller ride earlier in the day so it was still sitting around the house. Jase was pushing it around and thought it was a perfect spot to place it and sit in to watch his favorite show Dora.

Here is Abuelita tenderizing the deer meat that Jason killed that morning. I would put a picture of the deer but that may upset some people, especially since it was missing it's body!! ick. Way to go was a big one!

Jase made an indian headband at school Monday. Who knew that a little bit of construction paper would make a mommy proud.

Our little chunk of love!

He is smiling like crazy and cooing and there even have been some noises that almost sound like laughs! So sweet and very patient baby. Thank Goodness!! Two weekends ago Zach and I went to see Saw V with a friend of mine. He didn't make a peep and I can't wait to take him back to another movie.

Titi Maria holding that precious bundle of love. (cute hair Maria!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

This past week has gotten away from me and I didn't realize I had not posted in over a week. We are settling real good in our routine and taking care of the three kids is a lot easier than I had anticipated. Jase is still going to the Mother's Day Out program two mornings a week and he still cries every time I leave him. Sigh. Reese, Zach and I usually go shopping during that time until I pick Jase up. His language is just booming and he is able to say just about everything! He even says several word sentences. He repeats everything, even the things we didn't realize we were saying. When ever the baby cries he always says "Baby Zach is hungry." And most of the time it's true. He is still absolutely in love with his baby brother and can't get enough love from him. Zach doesn't seem to mind and actually calms when Jase is around if he is in distress. I have been telling Jase to tell Zach "don't cry" when Zach is crying. So now when Jase cries (or fake cries) he will say "don't cry." At first I thought this must be what the teacher was telling him then realized he was repeating what I had told him to tell Zach. Zach seems to be even more easy going than Jase which really helps when watching two toddlers. He is smiling and trying to talk to us which is just precious. My sister and parents are coming this weekend to visit. It's the first time my sister is getting to meet Zach and I am very excited about this. Hopefully the weather will dry up!

Zach and his first bath. He looks really big in that baby tub! He loved his bath just like his brother did.
Hanging out at night before going to sleep. He likes to be with me in the evening for a couple hours and goes to bed when we do. Otherwise he wakes up if I put him in the bed too soon.

I just loved how he had his hands in the photo.

What a big boy! Trying his hardest to get that door to open.

He was squealing and running in the pic. I thought it looked hysterical.

Lady killer!

Learning to unzip

He just loves to swing. One day Jason pushed him for over half an hour and when he got off of it, it looked like he had been drinking booze. I was very worried because he was falling and walking sideways for more than 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder what is going on in that head

Zach paying very close attention to his daddy.

Lickable lips!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A big night for us!

Two big things happened tonight. Zach's belly button fell off...FINALLY! And Jase poopooed in the potty. Jason sat him on his seat and kept telling him we poopoo in the potty and told him to push. He has been telling me when he will and when he does poopoo in his diaper. We just wanted to introduce the potty and see what he did. Well he pushed and pushed and out came a smidge of poo. It wasn't enough to fall out of his hiney so Jason had to wipe his butt and put it in the potty so he could feel proud of what he had done. So if you have a weak stomach you may not want to look below.

A beautiful dried up little belly button.
Zach's belly and his belly button showing...tomorrow he will get to take his first bath emerged in the tub!!!!
The big poopoo in the potty boy. He was very excited and clapping but I didn't get a picture of that.

The teeny tiny smidge of poo that he pushed out.

Adorable pajamas that April got for Zach. They say it all!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Brotherly Love

Precious Halloween outfit that Melissa gave him.
Zach was having a great time just looking around outside while the kids played on the swing set. The blanket he is on is a muslim wrap swaddler which is divine because it's huge and breathable fabric so I know he won't be sweltering at night. (Thank you Meaghan!!!!)

Where did Zach go? Yes he is under there somewhere.

He just can't get enough hugs and kisses from his baby brother.

Look at the look of love on his face. It truly is amazing.

Crooked smile

Just a little note...Jase had to go to the doctor for a cold and breathing issues last week. They had to prescribe him an inhaler. He actually does it and doesn't complain. He will do it with the tube attachment and without. I can even squirt saline in his nose and he comes back for more! He is feeling lots better and the inhaler was a life saver for his breathing. When they weighed him he was 37lbs 2ozs!!!!! He will be 23 months Wednesday and Zach turned 1 month yesterday.
Zach's eyes are dark but they are lightening up. Right now they look brownish in the middle and dark grey on the outsides. He has dimples on both cheeks and a little pink birthmark on his right thigh. He has three swirls of hair across his brow line. One in each eyebrow and then a swirl right in between them. He has two cowlicks on the back of his head that swirl in opposite directions. This past weekend we went to Atlanta for the first time since Zach was born. We had a great time visiting with everyone. Thank you to those lovely friends that were able to come and meet him.
Check out this video. For some reason I can not get videos to embed into my blog.