Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guess who's four?!

This is Jase's serious face. He does this often when we are trying to take his picture. It's him trying not to smile. Silly boy.

Close your eyes! We have the boys do this when we have a surprise for them.

Here they are playing with their new trains. It's so sweet that Zach wants to play with Jase and copies him but Jase is so clueless as to the sweetness and sometimes takes off.

Poor Zach has had this skin virus for several months now. It has really spread like wild fire the last month and a half since we have moved. It's called Molluscum Contagiosum and would you believe there isn't anything you can do and you just have to wait for it to go away. Well the real kicker is that it can take a couple of years to go away! Outrageous. Luckily it doesn't hurt him too bad. I mostly put neosporin on it to moisture it and prevent infection.

One morning I came down to find my nativity scene tampered with. It's up on the fireplace mantel so I couldn't imagine Jase reaching up there to place the toys there. So I quickly took a picture and then asked Jase if he had done it. Well he said yes but I wasn't sure he really did it. So when Jason came home I showed him the pictures and he laughed because he had done it!! Poor Jase almost got in trouble for messing with my special nativity scene because his daddy is silly too.

We built our first fire and the boys loved it. Zach was real nervous and kept looking back at the fire.

I don't remember what Jason was having them say but I thought their mouths were really cute. Just ignore the food all over their faces.

I love this. Little boys acting like big boys!

Roasting marshmallows with Titi Maria.

Impromptu photo of us. Me in my jammies and no one looking at the camera at the same time.

We had a pirate party for Jase's 4th birthday. Good food and great company!

Some wine for the parents to enjoy

We had some cupcakes. I had my sister decorate a X on them to mark the spot of the buried treasure.

Here is the pirate birthday boy.

Our friend Meaghan brought her baby and all the children wanted to see her. Check out Zach's face. He just stared and stared at her. You see how he has his hands. Well he does this all the time when he is waiting for something.

Bowen being a good sport and wearing some pirate gear.

Birthday boy checking out his new glow in the dark Thomas train track.

Check it out.

Isn't my little scent diffuser cute?!

We went to see Santa and the boys did great. Zach was a little nervous but once on the lap he did great. Here is Jase is pulling Zach back from walking too far.

Jase is dying to get a closer look.

Look at Jase looking down at Santa's hand. What is he up to?

He went in for the grab. He was in awe and was speechless. He could barely get out what he wanted for Christmas to him.

The boys thinking that they know what they are doing.

Zach's little hand looks so cute in this picture. We were eating some lunch after meeting Santa.

Sweet face.

Doesn't Jase look so old in this picture?

And how about these eyes.