Friday, January 26, 2007

Week Seven

Hello everyone! Jase is seven weeks old as of Tuesday. Here are just a few photos taken during this week.

Here is a cute photo of Jase in the sink while I got the bath ready for him.

Jase does a fancy trick where he can stick out his tongue when daddy does it.
Here are some shoes that I bought for Jase for Christmas. Well, they are supposed to be size 3-6 months but the elastic around the ankle is so tight that it took me five minutes to get them on his tiny feet. Luckily he is a content baby and just stared at me while I struggled to put them on him.

Wasabi, anyone??

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Big Day Out

Yesterday (Tuesday) we had to go to my six week check-up appointment to make sure I had healed and closed up properly after giving birth. My girlfriend, Keona, went with me so that I could have a helping hand since Jason had to go to school. Things went well and Keona had to come in the room with me while I waited for the doctor because Jase got hungry and I had to feed him. It was interesting...considering I was on the exam table with a paper blanket covering my bottom half! So after I fed him they went back out to waiting room and doctor came in. After that we went and ate lunch at Roly-Poly and then Walgreens drugstore. Well, at that time the pharmacist again said that he was not on my card for prescriptions. So I went home and called my insurance and they said that he had been added to insurance but for some reason he was not on the pharmacy/prescriptions section so they added him. Now I can finally get the medicines for his thrush, thank goodness it's a mild case still. Later that night we went to meet Zeljka for dinner at Outback. She was in town for work which is cool to be able to see one of my friends from home in town. These are pictures that I took during the day. This is the first time Jase is wearing jeans and he looks so handsome. Check out the cool shirt (courtesy of Titi Maria)!! PS.....Maria, Zeljka told me that H&M is going to be in Atlanta.

Lil Jase Ridin Dirty :P

Sunday, January 14, 2007

i love my boys!

Things are going great here in Augusta. Jase is two days away from being six weeks old. It seems like he has been with us all along. He has a mild case of thrush that just would not go away with the first meds the doctor prescribed so we had to the doctor to get a new prescription. Wouldn't you know that when I go to the drugstore, they tell me that Jase still isn't added to the insurance. Aaarghh!! So I have to contact my work and then insurance to see what the heck is going on. Hopefully the computer just isn't updated and things will be fixed soon. He is growing so fast and on Friday the scale said that he was one ounce away from weighing 13 pounds. Yes folks...I am growing an Ames baby for sure! He has also started smiling which is just enough to make you cry. Have a great week and I will try to post photos more often.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

NO More Bird Baths!!

Here I am getting my first real bath! Of course I loved it and mommy was so glad that I do.
See she's smiling because she is having so much fun cleaning me all up.
Especially all the crevices where all sorts of foul smelling stuff likes to hide, who knew a month old could have stinky toes!!!!
Do I have to get out???
Oh how nice and clean I feel now. Just relaxing with my most awesomest Daddy!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

First time in shoes

Last night we went out to dinner with some of mommy and daddy's friends, Will and Jamie and their daughter, Georgia (my future girlfriend). We went and ate at Carraba's Italian restaurant. We had a good time and then when the food came out I got hungry even though mommy had fed me before we left the house. I like to do this to her so she can get used to eating cold food. Mommy dressed me up in my cool shirt and check out my spiffy shoes!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back from Ohio

We drove all the way to Ohio so that we could spend the Christmas holiday with Jason's family. The trip up there took 13 hours because of having to stop and feed and change the baby and also because there was a lot of traffic due to being the day after Christmas. Baby Jase slept the entire way except when it was time to eat which was almost every two hours. Once we were there we got to see many of Jason's Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Jase got to meet his Great-Grandmother and she has been waiting for months to meet him and she just could not wait. Our trip took 12 hours back to Lawrenceville to my parent's home. The trip home was just as great as the trip up there. We really got lucky that he slept the entire way!! These are just some of the photos that we took. We had a great time and look forward to many holidays to come with our new edition.

This is me with my Grammy and I really, really love being in her warm arms. She even makes me sleep for a long time and sweat when she holds me. I can't wait till the next time i get to see her. I Love You Grammy!!
Me with Uncle Brian, Daddy's younger brother. I am not too sure of what he thought of me, as you can tell by my expression in this photo.
Here I am with my Great-Grandmother Nene. She just loved me so much and I really liked being in her arms. It was wonderful getting to meet her.
Here I am with my Great Aunt, Titi Liany, even came to visit me. She also brought my two second cousins, Michael and Josue. They drove two hours to see me. It was so special for them to do that! Thank you!!