Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Week Recap

We did so much traveling this Christmas holiday! On Friday 21st we drove ten hours to Herndon, Virginia to visit Jason's parents. On Christmas Day we drove from Virginia to Ohio which took forever because the only restaurant open for dinner the entire trip was Denny's and the service took forever!! In Ohio was Jason's grandmother, Nene and many Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Two days after Christmas we then drove ten hours from Ohio to Augusta, Georgia. The next day we left and headed to Lawrenceville, Georgia to visit my family for Christmas number 2. We had such a great time visiting family. The last time many from Ohio had seen Jase was when he was three weeks old! So needless to say he had grown quite a bit. Look at him go! Here he was in Jason's parent's backyard playing.
Here he is signing "sleep"! Such a smart boy! Still no words though.

Since we blocked off the stairs, Jase decided to read at the bottom of the steps.
Who knew that the real way to hold a football was with your mouth!
He just knew this shiny silver one was his!
His cousin Austin reading to him.

While we were at Jason's grandmother's home Jase knew exactly where he fit in. The KID ROOM!! YEAH!

He just loves dogs so much! He climbed up on the couch to be with Nene's old dog, Chelsey.

She was not as happy to have him there. There she goes!!Jase with his great-grandmother, Nene.
Jase with his Grammy (Jason's mother). Looks like she likes him just a little bit.

This picture is actually soooooo pitiful! Jase had thrown up twice during our trip home from Ohio but I just thought maybe he was motion sick. When I got him out of the car he had his head tilted to the left side. He had taken out the head rest in his car seat and had leaned his head to the side of his car seat during the trip. WELL...his neck had a kink in it and he kept his head tilted to the side the rest of the evening. I was so upset and thought maybe he had meningitis! It was awful and look at that zombie like face.

Here his is in his robe after I tried to give him a bath to relax his neck. The next few days he had mild diarrhea and low grade fever so he must have gotten a virus on our trip. Which by the way, angers me very very much!We made it to my parents house for the second Christmas celebration. Jase was not too sure what to think of Santa. As you can tell by his face he was frightened by the sight.
I had to give him his pacifier but he still wasn't totally comfortable with him.

He really enjoyed opening the presents and next year will be so neat to see him just ripping them open like crazy.
This is a painting my sister did for Jase's room. This matches his bedding perfectly and I was very surprised by this gift. What talent she has!
Opening his present from my Aunt in Ohio. He really liked it and walked around with the Elmo for a while. Here is Jase's cousin, Elektra and at first she was very afraid of Santa but once he gave her a present she warmed up to him...just a little bit.
Little Santa
Here is Elektra watching Santa leave. So cute.

Little Santa was so very tired and had to take a nap from all the excitement.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa WHO????!!!???!!!

We are in Herndon Virginia visiting Jason's parents. Today we went shopping and also had Jase see Santa at the local mall. We went after Jase's second nap and dinner. We got there at 630pm and they told us we had a wait of an hour and forty-five minutes until we would be "paged" and then we could get in line!! There was no way in Haiti Jase was going to last that long. Aunt Betsy went back to the desk to make sure of the wait and saw someone she knew working there. They told us to walk around for about five minutes and come back and we could get in line. I mean have never been so luckily for a Santa line in your life. He did so good. He was so tired too since it has been a long two days for him. I was so anxious standing in line in fear of him getting soooooooo upset like other children. My stomach was turning! He did so good though. He looked around like "What the heck is going on?" I placed him on Santa's lap and then the lady rang her little bells trying to get him to look at the camera to get a perfect photo. Santa tried his best to get Jase to stay calm. He was a sweet man and did a great job. I hope you can tell the fright in Jase's face. Enjoy.
Jase hanging out with Uncle Brian
Jase with his Grammy and Grandpa headed out shopping
Jase with Aunt Betsy before meeting Santa.
Not too sure of what the heck is going on.
Still not too sure.

Get me out of here!
Who the hell are you????!!!????
Forget the lollipop....
...I want to get out of here!!!!
This store is calling my name and this huge Pooh Pez dispenser is what I want!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


This week continues to mark new skills for Jase. He now can do a couple more signs, I just need to learn new ones so that I can teach him more. First thing this morning he signed "book" to me as soon as i picked him up. It was his way of being able to actually communicate with me and it was so cute. Whenever we want him to show someone what he can do he doesn't do them right away. So then we look like we are liars. He knows how to drink out of a straw now too. Not sure when children know this skill but I was impressed. He still doesn't say anything..not even mama or this signing thing is extra exciting for us. He is getting more teeth coming through. right now he has six, three on top and three on bottom. He has been gnawing and biting on everything and drooling extra amounts the past few days. Maybe he will have eight teeth by the New Year. Today he was walking with a book and slipped on another one and hit his face on the coffee table. Below are some pictures of the developing bruise. Poor guy it was very sad when I saw the immediate mark and knew that it had to hurt and it is going to look ugly in a couple days. The weather has been quite crazy here lately. Earlier this week the highs were in the low 80s!! Our plants are confused and the azaleas bloomed again...doesn't look right to have Christmas lights out and flowers blooming too. We are headed to Virginia on Friday to celebrate Christmas with Jason's parents and brothers. Yeah! I will try to post before we go and I may not get a chance to post until after we get back but you know I will try to. If not, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Here is Jase teaching Reese (girl I watch during the week) how to bang on the drum. He tries to talk to her and play with her but he is still too rough with her to be left unsupervised for even a moment.

Chowing down on his cheese burger. He fed himself this way until all of it was gone.

Blooms and lights just don't go together.
I just thought this was so cute of him reading.
He was having a blast walking around eating his frozen peaches in the mesh feeder. Click on photo to see it larger and see that face even better.
Normally I don't turn on the TV during the day but I needed to get something done and I just cracked up to see him sitting there watching SpongeBob Squarepants as if he knew what was going on.
Reading and walking

Just minutes after he fell...fresh tears still on his face.
You can see the immediate response the skin did
Almost three hours can see it bruising and starting to sag a little.
We found some shoes that actually fit Jase's very thick feet. I never knew they made Extra Wide shoes for children!!!!!!
How flipping cute are they??!!
Walking around trying not to trip on all his toys.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

One year stats

One year down, many many more to go. Jase had his one year check up and he did very well. He got four shots and his finger pricked for blood. They were testing his hemoglobin and lead levels. His lead levels tested as low as the machine could detect. Thank God!! He weighs 27lbs, 30 1/2 inches tall and has a big ole noggin of 19 1/4 inches. He has started doing some signs and is consistent at doing them and I just keep waiting everyday for him to do more. He can point to some parts of the body (including teeth!) and different objects in the house. Jason came home one day this week with food from Wendy's including a plain cheese burger for Jase. Unfortunately we did not take pictures of this historic event. He ate the entire thing excluding a few pieces of bread at the end!! He is still eating baby food that I make and food off our plates as well. He makes faces when he tries milk but likes Vanilla flavored Soy milk, hopefully by the time I stop nursing him he will like milk. I found out that he will need 20 ozs of milk when I stop nursing him!! I can't get him to drink that much fluid now so we shall see.

Eating some Moe's that daddy brought home and daddy let him eat some sour cream out of the small container. BUSTED!
showing off his quesadilla eating skills
Mother what are you doing?
BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!! He does this all day long. I put them up and he looks at them and pulls them down.
Outside playing with Chopper.
They put a band-aid on his finger after they pricked it. He didn't take it off but kept feeling it with his thumb.
Running after me. I was trying to take a picture of his band-aids on his legs.
Those are some delicious chunks of love!!