Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jase!

The weeks have flown by and we have done many things. The most memorable is Jase turning 3!!! We had three parties to celebrate this year. One party with some of my friends and their kids, a party with my family at home and then a party with our new friends that we have made here. The third party was just a gathering of a few moms and their kids, so we treated it like a play date. Jase was so funny whenever we sang happy birthday to him because he would act shy and look down, almost embarrassed. What does he know about being embarrassed?? He opens his presents really good and would act animated with each opening. He got many many great things from everyone. We made a Wish List at ToysRUs which helped people get him things we knew he would love.

All dressed up and ready for picture day at school.

One afternoon Jase looked up and said "Look Mommy, so many train tracks" when I looked up this is what I saw.

Best party ever!
Go Jase Go
At the jumpy place and the kids are in the baby/toddler section.

Fun floor game

This is when we were singing Happy Birthday and he was acting all shy but very excited.

The birthday crew.

Zaqui says "where is my cupcake?"

We made a big production about the cake and talked about a Thomas cake for a few weeks.

But when he actually saw it, it was priceless.

Worth every ridiculous dollar it cost.
This one is going to make his future girlfriends giggle.

Do you think he liked it?

Still can not believe it.

Don't worry the lollipop is inside that egg shaped plastic.

Admiring his new James trains in the box.

Check out the Thomas drum. Zaqui approves.

Loving his new Thomas watch. Although now I can't get him to wear it.

Abuelito gave me a spoon to takes bites right out of the cake.

Isn't it so cute how he tilts his head to look at the pictures on the side of the box?

"I can not believe it!"
He was so excited about all his gifts.

Hurry up Abuelito and open that train.

Checking the time again. Looks like time for more cake! made cake frosting does some crazy stuff to poo that can even stain a toddler's hiney.

This is what happens when you try to take a picture of the boys together. super silly
Check out those legs. yum.

Zach learned how to walk a few weeks ago and he get more and more stable and quicker by the day.

Zach has been super whiny and cries a lot when he doesn't get his way, which is often. He also has an ear infection and a molar coming in. Poor guy.

See ya!

We hope everyone has a magnificent holiday!