Saturday, December 06, 2008

two years and two months

Zach had his two month checkup yesterday the 5th. He weighed one ounce shy of 15 pounds which is 97 percentile!! We make some big babies. He got his three shots and the liquid med and did so good. Watching your children get shots is awful. Jase got his second round of his flu shot as well and he barely flinched. He asked for stickers afterwards because he remembered that last time he got stickers after his shot. What a brave boy to get a shot on his birthday at that! We went to mexican for dinner and I so wanted to get the waiters to sing to him but we didn't have our camera so I decided against torturing him. Tonight he has decided to climb out of his crib!!! We shall see how the next couple nights go and we may have to go ahead and transform his crib into the toddler bed so he can get back in. It was so cute and humorous dealing with him. He never said a word when we would go in the room. At one point I was telling him it was dangerous and a "no no no" and he tried his hardest not to giggle. He cracked a smile and a small giggle but tried to stay serious and I almost lost it because he looked so adorable. Finally the last time Jason went in and Jase had already tried twice to climb back into his crib but couldn't get back in. He was laying on the floor reading a book. Jason laid on the floor with him and rubbed his hair and soon he was snoring. Cross our fingers that he doesn't decide to get out in the middle of the night. (Any advise is highly welcomed since we are totally clueless on what to do and what may work) I was not prepared for this at all.
He sure does look a lot like Jase did at this age but with brown eyes.

Look at those cheeks!! Mama's milk does a baby good!

Two years old and there is no denying it! Who ever said boys are easier to raise is full of caca. If it's true then I am in big trouble when I have a girl.

Jase opening his birthday present from Grammy and PawPaw...a very cool wooden train set.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to mom and dad, they now have their own little Houdini escape artist. Zach looks like a chipmunk with those big cheeks. Another big boy for sure. And Choppie looked like he was ready to help Jase with the opening of the present. I couldn't help but notice how red Jase's cheeks are in the picture. Missed you all this weekend. Take care.... dad

Mrs. V said...

How about a step up stool so he can get back in the crib (maybe with the side down)? You can put his mattress on the floor until you get a toddler bed. I don't remember what you three did...I think after you fell out of the crib and bumped your head on the floor we took away the crib. We went straight to a regular single bed, not a toddler bed. Jase would probably love a toddler bed, especially if you let him pick it out.
Maybe Santa will bring one... hmmmmmmm?

Meaghan said...

Wow! Y'all DO make big babies! :) I LOVE that first up close picture of Zach. He seems so sweet.

I think Jase is right on target with crawling out of his crib right age 2. That's when most of my friends had to make the switch. But, I have no advice for you...sorry! I'm clueless too! (Although, the step stool sounds like it might work. He's a good climber, right)? I'll be needing your advice in about 8 months when Ava gets there! The story of Jase being on the floor reading a book is adorable...and even more so that Jason went in and laid down with him. Y'all are such wonderful parents. Can't wait to be closer so we can say hi in person sometimes!

Keona said...

I totally missed Jase's birthday! Thanks for sharing the pics. As soon as Christmas breaks starts I am so back on the "Good Friend Train"!

Anonymous said...

If you're not ready for the move to the bed, try one of the crib tents that attaches to the crib to prevent him from getting out.

Teresa said...

Wow.. Jase is growing so fast! He is sooo smart! Lauren put Alyssa in a toddler bed about 2 weeks ago. She was climbing out of her bed also. She LOVES having a "big girl bed"! We decorated her room along with the bed so she really likes having the toddler bed! I hope your transition is just as easy.

Zach is absolutely adorable! I LOVE those cheeks! Makes you just wanna get some of that neck sugar!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Adorable boy angels, all 3 of the boys!!!! Can't wait to see you all SOON Love Grammy

Anonymous said...

Where's the pictures of Jase in his toddler bed?????? Can wait any longer to see them........ the dad..