Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jason playing the guitar and singing to Zach who is laying on a pillow on top of the desk. sigh. so freaking precious!
I got my hair cut off and this is the only pic I have to show it off. Of course this is right after coming home from salon so it's perfect looking. Anyone willing to donate to the shiney hair fund can do so at any time. It takes a fund to afford the products she used on my head.

Maria gave Jase a bath and afterwards he wanted to sit on the couch with her. This is her hair later that evening after getting hers cut as well.

This is a shirt that I won on the ResaDesign blog for Jase. I ended up ordering a Little Brother shirt for Zach to match Jase's. And wouldn't you know that Zach will outgrow his in a week or so and it's a size 3-6 month!! I should have known better. Check out the adorable hat that he kept on because it was velcroed around his neck. I just now need to figure out how to keep baseball hats on his head. Velcro may look a little silly then.

This is his fake cry face. I am so glad I was able to catch it in action.

Holy cow! Who is this man holding my baby???? Well, it's Abuelito with a shaved face and all his hair chopped off. This was a little traumatizing for everyone in the family but we are getting used to it. Jase wasn't too sure about him at first and I think it sent him into a crying fit after they arrived. It's the only thing I can think of to explain how Jase was acting when they got here.

My mother had taken Jase for stroller ride earlier in the day so it was still sitting around the house. Jase was pushing it around and thought it was a perfect spot to place it and sit in to watch his favorite show Dora.

Here is Abuelita tenderizing the deer meat that Jason killed that morning. I would put a picture of the deer but that may upset some people, especially since it was missing it's body!! ick. Way to go was a big one!

Jase made an indian headband at school Monday. Who knew that a little bit of construction paper would make a mommy proud.

Our little chunk of love!

He is smiling like crazy and cooing and there even have been some noises that almost sound like laughs! So sweet and very patient baby. Thank Goodness!! Two weekends ago Zach and I went to see Saw V with a friend of mine. He didn't make a peep and I can't wait to take him back to another movie.

Titi Maria holding that precious bundle of love. (cute hair Maria!)


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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Zach and Jase are just gorgeous. And yes, the picture of Zach chilling with his dad playing the guitar is quite the moment. And I sure don't look the same as before with all that hair off of my head and face. I'm going to have to get a new drivers license because the picture of me on the license doesn't look like me at. In the bottom picture of Zach w/his aunt, Zach looks like a football player with a huge neck. Whatever he is drinking to be that big is a whole lot more nutritious than Gator-Ade....:-)

eileen said...

The hair looks great on both of you. And the babies are cute!

I'm glad I can now see what Maria's up to on your blog :)

Teresa said...

OMG! What happened to Mario?? He looks sooo good! Carmen & Maria's haircuts look fabulous! They make me want to go out and get a new hairdo! The pic of Yvonne is wonderful! She looks sooo good. She's such a beautiful lady! Jase is growing up too fast! Put a book on his head! Somebody over there kiss that baby for me!

Teresa Shattuck

Anonymous said...

everyoone look good. I have my brother back! Before he looked like a mountain man that I wouldn't want to meet on thr
love titi

Meaghan said...

WOAH!! Abuelito looks WAY different! But great! (I think he looks much younger)! Jase will get used to it! Your hair looks great...if you could only go in every other day and have them do it up! :) Totally love the guitar pic. So sweet. I'm glad Zach is good for you. He seems so sweet. Can't wait to meet him!

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!