Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Passed Out!

I told you in my last post that Jase likes to get up from bed if he isn't ready to sleep yet. (I assume this is what he would tell me if he could speak in sentences) Well one night after being awake for a couple hours playing in his room I noticed on the monitor that he was laying pretty still on his bean bag. My dad and I snuck in and took some pictures of him. It was so cute. At one point he opened his eyes and looked at us with a weird look in his eyes. Jason picked him up and put him in bed while my dad and I booked it real fast out of there. He fell right back to sleep and I don't even think he really even knew what had happened.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


What can I say...our life is a bit hectic right now! We have been getting our house ready to be put on the market. Jason finishes school in the middle of June so we have to sell our house here and find a house to move into when we move. We have looked twice for houses and needless to say it has been stressful. We have a realtor and we officially have a for sale sign in our front yard! We actually had someone look at our house before we got it on the market. We had just met with the realtor a couple days later she brought someone by to see it. Cross your fingers that we sell this house quick and figure out what we are going to do in Warner Robins.

Jase is as busy as ever. He is trying his hardest to talk but still can't really express his thoughts. He gets pretty frustrated with us which is extremely trying at times. He is doing great with sleeping in his little toddler bed. At night he will get up and turn on his light if he is not ready to sleep and plays and reads his books. He will then turn off the light when he is ready to go back to sleep and get in bed. In the morning he wakes up and does the same thing and just reads and plays quietly until someone comes and gets him from his room. Last night I was up nursing the baby and I heard something on the monitor and it was Jase playing with his toys at 345am! I went in there and told him it was still "night night time" and held him and put him back in bed. Shortly after he turned on his light again but I stayed in bed. The next time I woke up to nurse baby he was back to sleep with the light off. This just cracks me up and it's just amazing to me that the he can be such a loud screaming/crying toddler during the day but in his room he plays so quietly. He is still obsessed with Dora and literally could watch her 24/7 if we let him. I am having to put away all his toy balls because all he does with them is throw them in the house. He is getting better with being dropped off at Mother's Day Out but still gets upset sometimes. It seems he has a good time but never wants to talk about it. He absolutely loves his brother and could possibly squeeze him to death.

Zach is just growing by the second. He weighed 18 and 1/2 pounds earlier last week when I took him back to doctor to have his ear checked. He wakes me up every 2-3 hours to nurse and can go longer during the day but not too much longer. He smiles all the time and is so sweet. He loves to be held all the time so we are trying to work on giving him some time without being held because it can be hard to do everything holding a big baby. I had to get out some of his 6-12 month clothes but he can still wear some of his 3-6 month clothes (pretty snug). He is in love with his brother. He must see him all the time when we are driving. A couple weekends ago we were in my parent's suburban and Zach was in the middle row seat and Jase was in the third row. Once it got dark he was so upset and crying and we could not get him to stop. We could not figure out what it was until we turned on the overhead light and he stopped as soon as he could see Jase. And know that Jase is not paying him any attention, he is busy watching Dora but Zach doesn't care. He just smiles and stares at Jase the entire time we are driving (if he's not asleep).
some tummy time (maybe the fifth time he has done it!!)
Luckily I was able to get a quick picture of Jase laying with Zach. Most of the time I miss the moments because Jase is so fast and the moments are so short.

Jase eating some lunch that daddy made him. Check out the binoculars.

Jase often uses different objects to pretend he is looking through binoculars. He thinks he knows what he is doing, although his eyes are closed and he has them pressed up against his face.


He sure does make a grilled cheese sandwich look good.

This is what it looks like when we eat dinner. Zach in the Bumbo watching us eat and talk. There he is just staring at his big brother...aka...his idol.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

old video

so cute. I found this video on my mobile blog that I could not find for many months. This was taken in June 2008.

Shopping with Toddler 101

There are days when I want to go shopping and don't want to deal with the anxiety that comes with shopping with a two year old in tow. So why did it take me so long to figure this one out??!! I attached the DVD player to the front of the buggy and voila! Peaceful shopping at last! This picture was taken with my phone. I will be making some updates with my cellphone via mobile blogging. Cool, huh?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tired of being sick!

We have been dealing with illnesses for a month now. Jase has runny nose, Zach and Jase both have terrible cough and last week we discovered they both had ear infections. It's one thing for Jase to be sick but to have Zach sick is very sad. Luckily he has had a very low fever and acting pretty much the same but rubbing his ear. Of course Jase has been extra cranky but getting much better the last couple of days.
My sister came to visit us and she brought a bunch of stuff that didn't fit in our car from Christmas. When Jase saw the box with the Thomas the Train set in it and his train table he yelled out "PRESENTS!!!"
While I was going through a Christmas bag Jase saw this lollipop in the pile of stuff and had to have some. So instead of hearing screaming and crying I opened it and let him eat it for a few minutes. I had to bribe him to get the lollipop out of his hand. I hate to admit that I used pudding to bribe him with!!

Oh my sanity saver here...he is so cute. Check out the Bumbo cover that my mother bought me.

At the doctor last week Zach weighed 17 lbs and 12 ozs!!!!!!!


He does pretty good holding himself up considering I have yet to do tummy time with him!

Oh my sweet angel, he was so cranky the other day when he woke up from nap. I finally had to put Dora on the DVD player on the table to get him to calm down and eat his lunch. It sucks to be two!

How handsome! Check out those boots...William hand-me-downs.

Zach checking out the ribbon on his Bumbo cover. Check out the link if you have a Bumbo to cover! or you can just check out the cheeks on that sweet baby boy!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Part Two

We made the long journey of this year's Christmas events and are back home and trying to settle in. Jase did unbelievable on the car rides thanks to Dora and Diego, unfortunately the change in routine has made our perfect sleeper a little distraught. While in Virginia Jason's parents bought Jase a toddler bed and he loved it. When we were in Ohio we stayed in a hotel for four nights and Jason slept with Jase. Apparently Jase became dependent on this. Normally he would go to bed happily and willingly with no complaints. Now he screams bloody murder when you leave him in there. He is happy when you lay with him until he falls asleep but we just can't do that. So we have been listening to him scream and scream as if something terrible is happening until he decides to give up and get in bed (which can be up to an hour so far). It is heartbreaking but hopefully after a few days he will be back to normal. Other than that things are just ticking along. We were able to go to my parent's home for a second Christmas celebration and also to celebrate my sister's birthday. Since Jase loves pirates my sister decided to have a pirate party. She even had a pirate-ship cake made for the occasion which ended up being a ship-wreck! The cake ended up caving over and my brother had to hold it up while we got together at the table to sing. Jase thought the cake was real and kept saying "Pirate ship, please, please, please" and was signing please at the same time. He wanted to play with it so bad. Jase's cousin, Elektra was with us for both celebrations. It was really neat to see them together because they are the same height (Jase weighs more) and to see the significant development difference in the year that separates them. It made us realize how much of a baby Jase still is. His size is deceiving to other people and they expect more from him. Strangers for some reason feel the need to tell us that Jase is too old for a pacifier. Ideally it would be great if he didn't need one but he does. I sucked my thumb for 8 years and know that it's harder to take away a thumb than a pacifier. So when the time comes it will happen. For now it keeps him and us SANE! Zach is discovering his hands and it's so cute to watch him move his arms around then all of a sudden he stops them and stares intently until they go away again. He is so big and is growing out of his 3-6 month clothing real quick! He is so content and happy all the time (except when startled or very hungry). Since Jase is going through his hard stage right now and nearly sending us over the edge at times, Zach is a great balance that is needed right now.

Here we all (most of us) are in Ohio at Nene's house. She is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. I hope I can be that way when I am her age. We had a wonderful time celebrating together.
Our growing family with Nene! (by the way, it took a lot of clapping and jumping to get Jase to look at the camera and smile. Before this photo he was clapping his hands above his head like his Great Aunt Barb was doing while she was trying to get his attention. It was really cute and he was laughing so hard he thought it was so funny.)

What a wonderful time he was having running around the cul-de-sac with his cousins and Jason's cousin's kids (what is that...second or third cousins?) They were tossing the football to one another and Jase kept running to who had the ball and they would give it to him so that he would not freak out and cry.
We even got to see my Titi, Tio and cousins that just lived a little over an hour away! They were able to meet Zach for the first time. That was very special.

While we stayed in the hotel Jason and Jase slept in the same bed together. It was so adorable. Jase was all over Jason as they slept and most of the time was on Jason's head. Teehee...Zach and I slept together in the other bed. He was in his moses basket on the bed. We realized during this trip that Jase is not as light of a sleeper as we thought.
My father dressed up as Santa Claus for the kids and Jase was unsure at first then said "Hey Sissy Claus". Elektra screamed and acted frightened but more in a drama queen way. It was so funny to see Jase take and open the presents from Santa.

Then he sat on Santa's lap.

He even gave Santa a hug. This photos shows how he was a little apprehensive but not afraid.

He then grabbed Santa's hand and asked him to take him outside.

My dad picked this present out for Zach's birth present. So adorable and it says "Welcome Little Prince".

My sister and Zach for her pirate birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!

It was a very cool cake even though it was falling apart! My mother ended up getting all her money back for that darn thing. (Way to go Mother!)