Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big boy haircuts!

The boys got their shortest haircuts so far. Boy do they look older now!

Zach hates to cooperate and have his picture taken. This is moments before he began yelling at me and spitting. Lovely.

Jase trying to keep his eyes open (he always squints thinking the flash is going to go off) and saying cheese!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Even though it's been a couple of months since my last post not too much has been going on other than the usual up here. Jase is loving school and riding the bus. He smiles real big and runs to the bus every day. They just love him at school (minus the running off from the class moments). He is known for saying some pretty hysterical things. He even said a few curse words which was really embarrassing but he did use them appropriately. That is a positive, right?! He gets to do fun activities with paint, playdoh, glitter, glue, scissors while learning his numbers and letters. As we all know he has known his numbers and letters for quite sometime but now he is learning the sounds that those letters make so that he can identify them by sound. You can ask him what letter a word starts with and most of the time he will know! We had our first IEP meeting. He had some more testing done at school. He is now going to be receiving occupational therapy at school for his delay in some skills including how to hold a pencil properly, using scissors and getting himself dressed. Most of these things he is delayed in I feel that are they are a lot my fault. For instance who in their right mind would hand Jase a pair of scissors prior to him being in school. He didn't really have an interest in coloring or drawing so why force it?? And then getting dressed...well he sure didn't care that I dressed him! So we have also set up an appointment with a private therapy place to evaluate him and discuss these concerns along with some sensory issues he may have.

Zach is just having a grand ole time hanging out with me during the day. We leave the house almost every day and if we don't he will keep asking me to. I finally joined the gym a couple weeks ago. So Zach is going to the childcare room there and he LOVES it. He just runs in without looking back. He holds onto as many little cars he can and plays with the kids. They say he is really sweet and doesn't fight with the other kids. Good to know! HA. He is obsessed with golf and wants to go the golf store everyday. Jason bought them real golf clubs and balls. Zach has really taken to it and now knows the lingo. We went to the golf store the other day and he wanted to putt on the greens they have for practicing. I had to take him out of there kicking, screaming and crying...literally. It really was a sight to witness, 2 year old acting like he is being taken out of a toy store! He is really talking good and answer our questions!

Two funny guys playing on their electronic devices. Both boys love playing the games, books and videos on them.

I found this one evening after the boys went to bed. After researching it was Zach that decided to raid the pantry for his dump truck.

Zach still has his pacifier all the time which is really getting on my nerves but I am not willing to deal with the consequences of taking it from him except when he sleeps. I am hoping that when school starts next fall then we can enforce the rules again! His speech is getting messed up as a result but it's so cute too see his tongue when he talks (just like Jase's...OOPS!!).

We were playing with play-doh one day and I asked Jase if he wanted me to make coal for his train. At first he said no then I rolled one ball and that is all it took.

Zach loves playing outside and especially loves hitting the golf balls with Jason. It's becoming a little thing that they do. Jase doesn't like to hit the golf balls because he can't hit them like Jason does. So he likes to push his cars, trucks and trains in the dirt.

He's getting so grown up looking. The boy's favorite shows right now are Bubble Guppies and Care Bears. Of course they still love Dora, Max and Ruby, Wonder Pets, Berenstain Bears, Busytown Mysteries and Thomas.

Now that Jase has been in school he really makes an effort to try to play with Zach. It doesn't necessarily last long but it's sweet.

At school they use a method from a book called 1-2-3 Magic and so we have started using it at home and since they enforce it school it makes it easier to enforce it at home with results. Zach is a little more stubborn and but it's getting there with him.

We went to Charleston for Jason's cousin's wedding. It was nice to get to see a lot of the family and it was a pretty ceremony and reception. You see Zach has his golf club on the beach. He sleeps with it takes it in the car.

I am so glad Jase is finally manageable on the beach. He doesn't try to go straight for the ocean. He had fun digging in the sand and burying his cars.

He just loves feeling everything and trying to make it into a story. Such a creative mind.

I LOVE this picture of us. Everyone looking and smiling.

Zach eating some fruit at the wedding.

They did so good and had fun at the reception.

Jason's dad decided to Jase for a walk and they disappeared for a bit. Then we saw Jase running back towards the reception.

There is Pawpaw! Jase is fast but he had fun.

Here is our most adorable nephew.

Jason went to catch up with Jase and to help his dad.

Jason with his dad and his boys.

Jase asked permission to go rock. So here we are dancing because we "totally rock". Something Jase learned from Bubble Guppies.

Bubble bath time

One afternoon from coming inside I found the boys sitting together watching a show. LOVE

Easter basket time!

One happy boy!

New books at the best new prizes.


Georgia gnome hiding some eggs.

It was fun and they didn't even fight or cry when the other got an egg that they were both reaching for.

Serious business.

Uh Oh

Zach trying to eat all the candy

Very happy boys!!!

This video was take a couple months ago when we had the flu. I walked in to check on Jase one morning and found him like this.

Friday, February 11, 2011

School Time!

Jase started school last week. Add ImageIt all happened so quickly. When I registered him they said they would get in touch with me in 2-4 weeks and he would probably be tested again to determine what classroom or services they would be able to provide for his needs. Well a few days later we got a phone call that we needed to meet to sign papers because there was an opening at the nearest elementary school for Jase in a special education pre-k program. They decided to accept his IEP as it was for the next sixty days then re-evaluate it to determine if they need to retest him and change the IEP. I went in the next Monday and signed papers and they said that he would start the next day, go five days a week and the school hours are 8:20-3:00. Gulp! What?! Oh boy this threw me for a loop. They then asked me if we wanted to sign up for the school bus. I said that we could sign him up and we would see how it would go. After driving him to school a couple of days and getting us all ready and then take him and Zach out of the car to take him inside I knew that the bus would help with the stress of rushing around to get him there on time. Then they told me I would have to arrive at school an hour before it was let out to sit in the front of the car pick-up line to wait for an hour for him to be released. With Zach in tow that just wasn't reasonable since he needed to be napping during that time. So the bus picks him up at 7:30 and he gets home at 3:25. It's a long day but it's so worth it. His teacher is really nice and is understanding of his needs and know just how to help him. When he gets home he goes straight to his trains and plays alone. I try to ask him questions about school but mostly he says he doesn't know and isn't interested in discussing it. But he doesn't quite have the skills to be able to have a conversation and to recollect the day's events. He is really happy and hasn't even cried. Makes us feel really good and hopefully he will be mainstreamed by the time he enters kindergarten or 1st grade.

We found out who sent the ISPY book! My lovely friend, Dee, from where we moved from. The boys are usually fighting over who is going to look at it. The still love reading books which is so great and cute.

Here is Jase getting off the bus for the first time. We had him ride home from school the first two days so that he could get used to it with someone else putting him on instead of fighting me at 7:30am. Well it worked out really well and he is just fine getting on and off the bus. Even though
he says he doesn't need to go he has a smile on his face when he walks to the bus.

Jase still prefers to play with his trains in the playground over playing on the equipment.

Zach and I have been having good times with it just being us. He is still fiery, bossy and demanding as always. But it's good for him to have this time. I went to find a preschool for him and the first church we went to was a dud for his age group. They had no schedule or art activities for him to do. Just playing in a tiny room with two older ladies supervising them. The older children had a more structured schedule so maybe we will send him there next year. So hopefully I can find another one for him to go to now. During that time I am going to be able to help Jason more with his office stuff and be able to run errands with no one in tow.

The boys do play with each other but many times there is a mishap. Zach loves to aggravate Jase and crash his trains and piles of dirt. But Jase does try to share and talk
Jase's behavior has really improved and many would not believe what has transformed since last even last year. Amazing really. He is the one I prefer to take shopping and out to eat and I can't even believe it.

Zach is such a big and brave boy. Just fearless and check him out going up this rope wall .

I got lucky with this picture. I had to run around the slide and stick the camera into the slide and just snap it. I knew that he was not going to wait for me and I knew that he probably wasn't going to cooperate and go down the slide for me again.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Snow and Christmas

We had a wonderful holiday and had tons of family come and visit us. We even had snow on Christmas day! It was so beautiful. This past week it even snowed more but I will post photos of the second snow on the next post. I had a dessert themed tree this year and here are some of my favorite ornaments.

not part of the theme but I thought this clip-on mushroom ornament was too adorable.

My dad and sister found these sweet cupcakes at Nordstrom Rack.

At first the boys couldn't keep their hands off the ornaments and Jase even moved some around that he felt needed to be placed in other spots. This was one of their favorites.

Check out this most awesome Eric Carle Advent calendar! each day had an ornament to hang on the tree or present to put in the little gift boxes. Christmas day was a big star to put on the top of the tree. Thanks to my friend, Dee, for finding this on Amazon!
I bought kid size ice cream cones and they are so small I just laughed and laughed when I opened the box. It's so practical though and the boys are happy with the serving and I am happy at how tiny it is! Since the boys are dairy free we buy coconut milk ice cream and it is really good!

Trains and trucks. Boys boys boys.

Zach has been talking so much and really putting sentences together. Many things are not understood by others outside of the home but he is drastically getting better. He's our little comedian and funny guy. He is a happy little guy that is always laughing.

I love it when the boys lay on their bellies to play with their toys. Getting down on the level to really see them at another angle.

Here we are Christmas eve. We put out crackers and water for Santa. Please don't laugh too hard. I mean we are probably the only people that give Santa crackers and water but our Coconut milk and gluten/dairy free cookies are expensive! makes me giggle still.
I wrapped all the presents since the boys stuff didn't really need any assembly and they are still little and enjoy unwrapping the gifts. I heart my little white tree!

The picture is fuzzy but Zach's reaction was great.

Serious stuff opening these presents.

Jason picked out a present for Zach that was a big hit. A remote control 4-wheeler with a man on it.

Christmas should be everyday!

He went to sleep every night with it for a week.

We made it over to my parent's house through the snow and my dad dressed up as Santa. Jase was in awe, Elektra wasn't too sure if it was her "Aba" or the real Santa. Zach was pretty much mortified. When Santa handed him a present he took it but wanted nothing else to do with him.

Jase was so cute and still remembers the exact train that Santa gave him. He talked to Santa for sometime. He stood at the door and waved goodbye. He continues to talk about how Santa was there and we need to go see him.

Time for Santa to leave.

Zach and Jase fight like teenagers and it's so annoying. I can't even begin to tell you how many times Zach has bitten Jase during these spats. Many times I don't even know who started it so they both get in trouble. Ugh. I have a long road ahead of me.

We got a wonderful gift from our wonderful friends from Sweden. They sent candies from Sweden and it is really neat to taste what they eat. Our candy is a lot more vibrant in color and flavors. They also really like black licorice. The boys had a couple favorites which resembled red licorice but the flavor was delicate and enjoyable and then the Santa shaped marshmallow puffs were a tasty treat. Thanks Linda!!

Check out that those lips.

Check out that long line of trains.

Jase is a silly silly guy. As always he is a handful. He's can fly off the handle in a heart beat but with that same passion he is extremely affectionate and lovable. He loves to hug and kiss all the time. He is always happy, never sad or down. Okay he cries when hurt or upset but it never lasts long. He is so good inside.

Of course with the snow came new Thomas adventures.

Zach did not want to stop playing to have his photo taken. Jase's expression of love is so sweet in this picture. I love my three men!

We can hardly ever get a photo right!

Pulling his wagon through the snow.

Pushing his Transformer through the snow.

Stanley going on a snowy adventure. Check out the snow falling in mid shot.

It's hard to remember that Jase is still a "baby" but this photo proves just how baby he is.

Jason and Jase having a blast rolling down the hill. Too, too cute!

Wait guys! I am coming.

ATTENTION!!!! Jase received this book for his birthday in the mail. It came with no packing slip so we have no idea who sent it. If you could let me know who sent it, I want to send a thank you (when I get to those!!).

Jason's Aunt sent a play rug and here is Zach pushing his trucks and cars along it.

Check out our adorable nephew!

One of the few pictures that came out clear and everyone looking at the camera.

Jason's brothers in this picture just crack me up. Boys never really grow up!!

Grandparents with the grandbabies. cute.

My friend from San Fransico was in town for the holidays and I was luckily enough to get to see her and her adorable one year old baby boy. I miss them tons. Move to Georgia guys!!!