Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The lovely locks are gone!

Well there they are. The two ponytails that hold Jase's 3 1/2 years of curls. He did really good. When we first got there he was a little nervous. They wanted to wash his hair to get it all wet and conditioned it so that it would be easier to cut. This made Jase really upset.

After I measure the hair to make sure it's not ten inches I will be mailing it to Pantene for them to make a wig for a woman who has lost her hair due to cancer.

Jase did not like getting his hair shampooed one single bit.

Jase was just watching with a look of concern on his face but didn't make a peep.

Me trying to comfort Jase which only helped a little.

"Help save me" and "I didn't know what to do" is what he kept repeating.

Once he was out of that chair he was good. Still a little nervous till I gave him his new Berenstain Bears book and a piece of gum.

The first ponytail being chopped off.

It's gone!

Here goes the second one! I was too anxious about Jase freaking out that I didn't get a chance to be sad. It really was a relief to see the long hair cut.

Zach stood watching like a good patient boy.

I was tempted to tell him to leave it like this. maybe I will grow it out like this.

Looking in the mirror and happy.

Excited and nervous. Too freaking cute.

He was really excited afterwards and was giving away some good hugs.

It's a little shaggy so I am either going to let it grow out a bit or cut it shorter. I am going to buy some gel for it so I can see if I can style it.

Great Job Jase!!!! Holy cow! As if he didn't already look older than his age. Now he looks six!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No haircut today

No haircut today. We showed up for our appointment and they were closed :( I called today and They said that it's next week. Whatever!! Sooooooo a hair cut will be in place next Tuesday night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

He did it!

Several weeks ago Jase finished his 2 year old preschool year. They had a ceremony for all the different ages in the school. Jase's class only had to stand in the front and sing. We were super nervous and thought for sure that he was going to lose his mind and cry and scream being in front of all these people. The teacher had told me that he was very nervous when they had rehearsals and that he pretty much cried with his head behind the railing and saying "no no no". So we waited patiently and he came in just fine and was a little scared looking but he did not cry and mostly hid behind his book. I had given the teacher some gum to give him if he got too upset but I "bribed" him and told him that he was going to get a surprise if he stayed up there with his class and didn't cry. Well it worked! He did hide behind his book but he stayed.

Looks like a deer in headlights.

There he is hiding behind his book.

Getting his surprise for not crying and staying with his class. He's really into Berenstain Bear books right now and I found a DVD of the shows and he was beyond thrilled. He was practically speechless. Zach was super excited too!

Here is my good friend, Dee's son. Corbin is in Jase's class and we do things often together. Isn't he so cute with his little mohawk!?!

One morning Zach woke up with the craziest hair I had ever seen.

He must have laid on his back the entire night!

Trip to Virginia

For Memorial Day weekend we headed to Jason's parent's house for a quick weekend visit. We got to also see Jason's brother and his wife. She is pregnant and due in just a couple of weeks so it was really exciting to see her belly. She looked great and kind of, only a little wishing that I was pregnant. I need to get a handle on these boys I have before bringing another one along. So the weekend was great. Here are some pictures of a visit to the park.

Zach says "come on this way guys."

Jase loves to throw anything and here he is throwing wood chips.

Uh Oh there he is with a handful of more wood chips!

Zach having a blast with his Grammy. Jase digging in the chips with his train.

Playing soccor with PawPaw.

Zach can throw about any ball.

Here he goes kicking the ball.


It was a hot day up there.

Boys being Boys

Jase is communicating better and better. It is taking some practice and we have to constantly tell him how to say things but he is getting it. He usually says "you" for "me" and "I". He still gets quite upset at little things but we are working at trying to use words instead of screaming and freaking out. Work in progress! Jase is such an awesome swimmer. He does not use any type of floatation device in the pool. He jumps off the diving board and the sides and then swims to the sides all on his own. It's amazing how well he does. It's so cute to see him put his head under the water and swim.

Zach is a real pistol! He's just as sweet and calm as he is fiery. He stays next to me when we go outside and doesn't run off like his big brother. He is saying more words and still uses signs to communicate with us. He used to not want to get any where near the pool. But he now loves getting in. He plays on the steps and hangs on the handle and swings back and forth. He even loves to put his mouth under water to blow bubbles.

Zach absolutely loves playing on the golf cart any time we are in the garage.

These two don't stop moving! Not even while eating Popsicles.

We have two hawks that have made the backyard their home. I could only get one of them in a picture.

Lovely Locks

Jase has an appointment to get his hair cut and donated to make a wonderful wig for someone that is less fortunate. Here are a couple of pics for you to enjoy his hair. It will be a really sad day on this Thursday at 5:45pm. Sniff Sniff

I will miss those curls next to that face. I hope he is okay during the haircut and afterwards. I am trying not to get to anxious and we will try not to make it a big deal and hopefully he won't be too traumatized.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The boys love to paint. It's neat to see Zach be so precise with his paint brush.

Jase goes into another world. His favorite is to scoop a little bit of paint from each color and then paint on the paper.

Zach driving Sir Topham Hatt through the paint.

The curls and sweet little face that I love.

Happy camper!

Taking a different perspective on the paint.

Like his brother and driving things through the paint.

Jase saw that I was letting Zach put the toy in the paint so he joined in on the fun.

My sister came to visit and while I was cooking I found them all cozy on the couch watching "Finding Nemo."


Zach loves playing with the iphone. Good thing my sister has a fun toddler application for him to play with. He can't get enough.