Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Second Doc Visit

We had our second visit today, which was the twelve week follow-up. They did not do a sonogram so we have no new pics of the baby. They had a device that they put on my belly to find the baby's heart beat. The doctor and nurse stood next to me while they put jelly on my belly and moved the plastic device around. I swear for about three minutes I did not breathe!! For god's sake where is the heart beat?? He moved the darn thing around and all I kept thinking was that the baby was no longer there. "God please be there" is all I kept saying in my head. Finally, swoosh swoosh swoosh there it was. That sweet sound of a heart beat. It was just as strong as before and the doctor said that he had to move the device around because the baby was moving around in there. How exciting! The next appointment is the earliest that we can find out what the sex of the baby is, that is if the baby cooperates and shows us it's STUFF.
Many of you have wanted to see a picture of me to see my stomach, so here it is. I took this picture today after my appointment. I should have taken a picture three months ago to show you that it pretty much looks the same. Now when I say the "same" I am not saying it's flat or was flat before. Maybe I am delusional and in denial, okay okay probably so but it really hasn't grown much but it's definitely harder and I can't suck it in like before.
I am feeling great and have not had any actual morning sickness. I only get kind of sick feeling if I go a little too long without eating. I bring snacks to work and have to eat them in between my meals. All healthy snacks except for my popsicles that I have started to crave. I have been a little "moody" at moments, especially with my lovely husband, Jason. Poor, poor fellow has been understanding and sweet about the whole thing. He says I really have not been that bad but I am sure he just says that because he does not want to lose a limb. (wink, wink)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Doc Visit

Here are our first ultrasound photos! These were taken on our first doctor's appointment on 4/25/06. At that time they said that the baby was about 8 weeks and 2 days old, give or take five days. The estimated due date is December 3rd. It was so amazing to see that the baby was really there and to hear the heart beat was unforgettable. The heart rate of the baby was 165 bpm, which they say is normal. Since the baby is so small at this time they have to do an internal ultrasound, called a Doppler. For those of you that want to hear details of this experience feel free to ask me but I will spare those who are not interested in learning about this "internal experience." Next week we have our twelve week appointment. Hopefully we will be able to post those pictures sooner than these.
As some of you know I had to go and buy new work pants. Although my stomach isn't really showing (no more than the pooch I already had), my old pants were uncomfortable around my stomach when I was sitting down at work. Hopefully the next time I have to buy new pants won't be for a while but I won't hold my breath. I know everyone is waiting for the morning that I wake up and my stomach is hard and round. Then I can start posting pictures of myself so you can see me grow and grow!