Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look at him go!

Jase has been trying so hard to walk without support on his own. Here is Jason seeing what he can do. Maybe by his first birthday he will be walking!

Weekend in Boston

Jase and I headed to Boston for the weekend to visit my sister. The flights were good and Jase did great considering being stuck on my lap for over two hours. Portable DVD player is a life saver!! (Thanks Dad) Weather was nice and company was great!

Here is Jase with the Boston Red Sox hat that Jamie got him. He looked so cool. I thought this photo was too cute.

Check out Jase's cute hat and matching booties. Titi Maria bought him a bunch of stuff from H&M. He got so many ooohs and aaahs while walking down the sidewalk.
Here he is hanging out on the couch with Titi Maria.
Maria taught me how to sew and I sewed a bib for Jase. Maria says I am a natural.

Here is Jase after two biter bisquits and his juice cup. What a mess he can make!
Maria had a Halloween party and Jase dressed up as a spider and I was his web.
After Jase went to sleep we changed costumes and Maria and I were Mexican wrestlers.
Jase enjoyed talking to Maria through the netting on the pack and play and he copied Maria when she would push her face up against it. pretty hilarious I must say!
Jase enjoyed the placement of his bed which was in front of the closet doors that were mirrors. We had such a great time and hated to say good-bye. Thank you Maria

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Favorite Things to do

Jase loves to read books. Whether it be by himself or someone else reading to him. Most of his toys that we have in the family room are books. He will sit there and flip through the books page by page. Another favorite thing to do is ride in the stroller. Here is our new double stroller so I can push him and Reese (little girl I watch) through the neighborhood. My parents came this past weekend with Elektra and my brother. Saturday we took the babies to get their pictures taken at the mall. Sheesh, I was breaking out in a sweat. Since Jase knows how to crawl all he wanted to do was crawl away. We got some good shots but it was hard. And of course the other thing that Jase loves to do is eat!
Elektra, Jase and Abuelita reading fun books.
Abuelita teaching Jase a Puerto Rican baby song. He loves it.
I mean come on, have you seen a child sitting so happily for almost 20 minutes on the couch while you read to him at 10 months old??!!
Jase loves his whole wheat frozen bagels

Going for a stroll...sorry Chopper, you can't go. Do you see the knowledge flowing in this photo. True daddy love. cute!!

Fun Video

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Always crossing his ankles not matter what he is doing!
Jase and Jax playing together
Too cute, friends for life!
Jase showing off his skills of standing and holding a block all by himself.

Hey, get out of that cabinet! It's so much fun to play with kitchen items!

Why buy toys when you have a pack of wipes!

He loves his rocket except for when it vibrates and he jumps off.

Cheeks and lips to die for!
Coming to get mommy and that CAMERA
Can you believe such a happy baby can get soooooo angry
Couldn't resist getting this hat but he does not like having it on. We will wait till it gets cold and then I will make him keep it on.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We have a camera again!!!!!

It's been hard not having a camera for a month! Jase has four teeth now. He has started waking up at least once in the night to nurse, so just like I thought it was only temporary. He is getting really good at standing all by himself for up to a minute. He can even hold things and shake them while he is standing alone. He is ten months old and I just can't believe in less than two months he will be ONE!!!!!!!! Time flies.

Here he is sucking/chewing on some frozen peaches with his mesh feeder.

Self portrait.
MOTHER quit kissing me!!!!!
Tasty yogurt times
He has a temper and here he is getting mad that he can't reach the toys on the back of the coffee table! He gets very angry with us if we tell him not to touch something and he literally tells us off! If we only knew what he was telling us while he is screaming at us. I will be so glad when he stops putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! His saliva messes up the ear piece of my cellphone so it makes people sound like they are far in a deep tunnel for a day then I guess it dries up and goes back to normal.