Friday, September 29, 2006

Sue (a.k.a. Birddawg) has a CRIB!!

As I said in my last post, my parents got us a crib and I promised I would post a picture of it once we got it up. Well my magnificent husband put the darn thing together all by himself today while I was at work. All I asked him to do was opent he box so I could look at the wood to tell my father if it was nice. Here is a picture of it that he took with his cellphone and sent to me. I am so excited that I had to post using that same photo. I can't wait to go home and see it! Yipee!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 more weeks!!

I am thirty weeks pregnant with only 10 weeks left, just two months!!! Wow, we are so excited. My parents ordered us a crib and we got it delivered yesterday. So now all we have to do is put it together. Does anyone know how long this will take? I hear that it can take two hours to put a crib together. I surely hope not. After we put it together then we will have our first piece of furniture in the baby's room. I will post pictures once we put it together. Jason's mother is going to be making our bedding, which is sooooo cool. I ordered fabric and picked out the pattern for her to use. It should be ready by the time Sue gets here. How special!! Thank you Cheryl.
Two weeks ago I went to have my glucose test done to determine if I had gestational diabetes. I had to drink an orange soda type drink (not so bad) and then had to have my blood drawn one hour later. Several days later they called me to tell me that my results were in and that my blood sugar levels were high. What??!! OH NO I thought. The told me I had to go to a lab and have a more intensive test done. I would not be able to eat or drink anything the night before the test. This past Monday I went to the lab first thing in the morning. I had to drink a similar orange drink, this time not as cold and no fizz...equals yuck! The drew my blood and I was told to return in one hour to have my blood drawn again. Luckily I was allowed to leave the building and so I went up the street to Target. I began to feel queasy but knew I had to keep this stuff down or I would have to do this test again later. I returned an hour later and had my blood drawn again. I was told to return an hour later again and once more. So I had my blood drawn four times in three hours. Needlessly to say, I have bruises on the inside of both of my arms and I almost passed out on my way to meet Jason for lunch. I went to my doctor for my two week visit and they already had the results in. Doctor told me that everything was good and that my blood sugar levels were actually LOW....What?? Well no wonder I almost passed out when I left. Thank goodness I don't have to do that again.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Future Hunter

Instead of spending so much money on the internet buying onesies with catchy phrases I took it upon myself to make one. So far this is one that Jason wanted. If anyone knows of where I can find cool letters please let me know. Many more to come!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Baby Stuff

I have officially registered for baby stuff at a few websites. If anyone sees that I am missing something and would benefit from having a particular item, please do let me know. I will probably be adding a few items to the lists within the next couple of months but here are the sites. Just search under Jason or Carmen Ames.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Check out my hot mother! This is her at age 25 while pregnant with ME. We don't know what the date is for her picture so we are not sure exactly how far along she is. As for me I am 28 weeks pregnant and seem to be farther along. Many people have told us that we are similar in personality and this just proves it. For years I have told my friends that when I got pregnant that I would still wear a bikini and so did my mother. My mother said she set up my dad's 35mm camera and took pictures of herself while my dad and his frat brothers were in the other room. For my birthday my sister had this photo of my mother framed and now I am going to put a picture of me in the same pose in a double frame with it. Thanks Maria!!