Sunday, August 26, 2007


Our camera is broken!!!! We have to send the lense to Nikon for them to evaluate it and determine if it can be fixed. Sigh. So here are a couple pictures that were taken before it broke.
I have made my first two batches of baby food for Jase. I steamed parsnips and apples and pureed them, which is very tasty but the consistancy is not right for Jase because he just gags while it's in his throat. So that has to be mixed with creamier substance so he can swallow it. The favorite food so far is the Butternut Squash I made him. He gets very excited and even cried when it was all gone the first time he ate it.
With him crawling so good and fast we have to keep a close eye on him. He got a big bruise on his forehead today when he was cruising along the wall and slipped and hit his head on the door frame. If our camera worked I would post a picture of it. Here he was looking out the back door while Chopper wanted to come back inside. Jase thought it was fun to be at Chopper's eye level. Hopefully I will be able to post again soon with some new photos. Have a great week!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eight and a Half Months Old

Jase is officially crawling like a pro. It was overnight he went from shoving his face in the floor to moving on all fours. So now I have to keep Reese in the bouncy inside the Pack'n'Play so that Jase can't get to her and gouge an eye out. This past weekend Jase got his first experience in a pool. As with most everything else...he loved it. He just took it all in and was looking around. After we got home my parents came over for a few hours and we grilled out and off they went back to home. What a special treat for them to come over.

Jase loves to make this gesture by shrugging his shoulders and smiling so cute.
That is one big boy snoozing in that crib. (check out that cool bedding:)
He knows he is a big boy
Showing off and acting cool and relaxed while daddy floated him around the water.
He wanted to eat the float!
Just like his momma with the major wrinkled feet.
Time for chow!
Under he goes!!!
Coming up for air. What a good boy!
Daddy having a blast

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Monday we went out to eat for our 2 year anniversary. This is Jase at the head of the table. I forgot to bring him food and we didn't have his pacifier. oops. I have been only giving him his pacifier when he sleeps. But it worked out well. We had ice water and a straw which Jase loves to have water poured in his mouth. (Meaghan...we went to Salsa's Mexican and remembered that you and Patrick had done the same this year)
Doing what he loves to do all day long!!
Just love that profile...okay I love everything about him.
Moving around the room to anything he can pull himself up on.
Delicious tasty chunky monkeys!!!
I love it when he looks down and his lips and cheeks pouf out.
He says that this toy is so good to shake, eat, and move around.
I put frozen fruits in this mesh feeder and he just loves frozen peaches!
Of course he wanted the camera so that is why his eyes are watery but click on photo and you can really see those little razor blades.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jase has now been pulling himself up on furniture and cruising back and forth. He gets very angry when he is stuck and just wants to walk so bad. When he isn't pulling himself up on furniture he is pulling himself on the floor, not an official crawl so he may skip that all together.

Natural born model!!

Future sports fanatic
Showing off his skills all day long
Looks like he is 10 years old with that hat on!

I bought him his first Gloworm. He was fascinated by it and I am trying to teach him how to push on the belly to make it light up and play music. We shall see how long that takes.