Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Almost 14 months old

Lots of things have been happening since Jase turned one. And it seems to be almost daily that he learns something. He has really been trying to talk and has actually said some words that sounded like the actual word. His first official understandable word was "Shoe", not mama but SHOE! Of course I am happy to have this happen but I would like to hear him call for me by a name and not just crying. Today he said Cold while Jason was feeding him some frosty from Wendy's. He signs like crazy still and today I taught him "Please" but of course it will be a while before he can actually put it into use. Some of you may not know this but Jase was not circumcised at birth because my doctor was nervous to do it. So we were referred to a urologist when Jase was six months old. At that time he told us to wait till Jase was at least a year old before having the surgery because he would have to be anesthetized. I took him last week to be evaluated and he will have the surgery done Friday February 15th. It is hard to have this done now because he is older and will be put under, but it's something we wanted done at birth. At his appointment he weighed 28 pounds and was 32 inches tall while standing with his shoes on.

This past weekend we went to Charlotte to Jason's brother's home because his parents were coming down from Virginia. It was so great to see them all and we had a great time.
Could they be brothers or what??!!
He was going to give the bird kisses...but his kisses are with an open mouth so that will not work.
Trying to get a pose with the three cousins was not working out so well.
You can't catch me grandpa!!
" They just like me a little"
Down, Set, Hut!
One day that football will be the size of his hand.
Happy little family!


Meaghan said...

what a GREAT picture of all of y'all! i'll email you about the other stuff...

love the pics!

Mrs. V said...

I told you Jase was Austin's brother, he probably has his temperament, too. I love the family picture, you don't have enough pictures of Jason on your blog. Time for a professional family portrait!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the 3 of you. You are a sweet little family. Ashley

Anonymous said...

You all have great genes! Beautiful people, every last one.
Yes, soon his little hands will grow into large paws and he'll be able to crush that football with just one paw. Mr. Vee

Anonymous said...

Yes, we had a wonderful weekend with our wonderful family. We are truely blessed and soon to get Betsy to join our family. Love and miss you all, Grammy

lillasysteryster said...

Why are you getting Jase circumcised? Is there any religious reasons or is it just tradition?

Here in europe that isnt so common. I dont know any men och boys that are circumcised! If they do it its often besauce there is some kind of medical problem.

Its an interesting topic!

Lovely pictures, as always :-)

lillasysteryster said...

Haha... I happened to write some swedish words! "I dont know any men OR boys" is the correct way to write!

Jag ber om ursäkt :-)