Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy 14 months Jase!

Long hair tends to flip over when put in a wet, soapy mohawk.
OH come on! Give me a break...ADORABLE
This was taken last week when Jase had a snotty nose. But look at the eyes. Still can't believe I have a blue eyed baby.
BUT MOM I WANT THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy mother of...could it be any more precious.
It was nice and warm sunday and Jase got to expose his milky white arms.
Go Baby Go Go
I put on my coat the other day and this was in the pocket. I could not even tell you when the last time I wore that coat. Maybe a month ago. Why does half of the waffle look normal and the other half a black tar appearance. weird. Worst of all, the ziplock bag was not zipped closed. ugh.

Kodak moment
He loves to bite into the peel of oranges but really really likes what's inside best.
Two handsome boys

I had to put this one in because I thought it was neat the way the camera focused on the hands and orange. Click on the photo make it large and you can see his most adorable finger nails.


maria said...

Great photos. Glad to see more photos of Jason. I love the selective focus photo of Jase and the orange. Selective focus is the photographic term of that technique. Those are the types of photos we look for when we select stock photography.

titi said...

Great photography! Yum on the peel..I enjoy those also...must be in the Villa gene part of the DNA>>lol

Grammy said...

DELICIOUS!!!!!! even the orange! Love and miss you all Grammy

Abueltio said...

Great moments. With the grip and concentration Jase had on that orange I don't believe he gave it up too easily. Plus he looks so comfy way up there on his dad's shoulder. Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

I could bite him!!

love ~ erin

Mrs. V said...

Jason is such a terrific dad and Jase is loving the attention!! That stinker, Jase, has mischief written all over his face, look at that smile and the twinkle in his eye! That look he's giving in the tub with the curls on his head is as if he knows he is just Mr. Cutie!! I'll be right over to give him a hug, what's for dinner?

Meaghan said...

LOVING the snotty nose pic! His eyes are so pretty! ...i mean, handsome! :) I can't believe how grown up he looks in the last 3 pictures! Crazy! and th epic of him and jason sitting on the couch is SO sweet...i just love it! what a sweet little family y'all have!

eileen said...

great photos!
you need some more of yourself, though!