Monday, January 07, 2008

13 months old

So after Jase healed from his tummy virus he seems to have another kind of bug. The darn bug that gives you a nasty cough and snotty nose. I mean he isn't around other children that are sick and still the poor guy got sick. Luckily no fever just a terrible cough that now has mucus come up with it. It's cute when he coughs and sticks his fingers in his mouth and pulls them out looking at the slimy stuff wondering "what the heck is this?" He isn't crazy about having his nose wiped but yesterday Jason taught him to blow his nose. Although he doesn't blow hard enough it's so cute to hear the air come out of his nose while he tries. I also used the snot sucker machine I have which got some good stuff but he fought me every bit of the way. Sorry to gross you out but I guess I am just gross that way!
So on top of being sick the other day I was changing his diaper and he was trying to take off his sock. He was pulling and pulling then the sock came off and his hands and sock went flying back and he hit himself in the eye. Oh, it was so sad he was screaming bloody murder couldn't open his eyes for several minutes and when he finally was able to open them they were watering. The white of his eye was red for two days and the second day he was able to open his eye just fine.
He has been signing like crazy and just dying to know more signs. He tells us when he is tired and today he even told Jason that he wanted to come inside and eat dinner. Okay, okay, okay...he didn't say all that but he signed eat then went to Jason lifting his arms to pick him up. Then two separate outdoor occasions he has signed "dog" when he heard dogs barking in the distance. And we aren't even asking him if he hears a dog, every time we didn't even notice that a dog was barking till he signed it. Our sign for dog is using your right hand and hitting the ear lob several times (as if imitating a dog scratching behind the ear). He also looks down when he walks which is hysterical looking because he used to just look straight forward then trip over everything so now he is able to walk around objects on the floor. But he hasn't mastered looking up and down at the same time while walking so it just looks like he is walking around with mad/serious face.
My father taught him "Hip Hip Hooray" and raising his arms, Jason also taught him to do it when he says "Touchdown"
This was the day that he had hit his eye. He just looked pitiful. It was the left eye, his right.
Jason was taking a picture of him and he decided to put the balls to his face and pose for the camera. I kept telling him to come back and pose for the camera and he did it several more times.
Here he is coming back posing again.
He just knows that he is tooooooooo cute for words.
This is the serious look he likes to give. I haven't yet been able to teach him to do it on command though. He just does it on his own.


Anonymous said...

You are right! Too cute for words. I'm glad his eye is feeling better. Ashley

Abuelito said...

We have a gorgeous looking grandson plus he is so very intelligent picking up on sign language. So sorry about his eye.

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh! if all that stuff was happening to ava...i think i'd just cry! way to go for keeping it together! and that is the SADDEST picture i've ever seen! poor guy! :( and that posing is hilarious!

Mrs. V said...

What a delightful boy, I can't wait to see him sign. He delights in doing new things...blowing his nose, too cute!
Poor baby, all banged up, between the eyes, on the upper lip...pobrecito. Looking sooooo sad...kiss, kiss, kiss!!!

maria said...

That's so exciting that he is using his baby sign language to communicate. I love the posing photos. I wonder what made him decide to pose.

maria said...

Carmen, Jase is totally mimicking you. That serious face is the one you like to make.