Thursday, January 10, 2008

Warning: Content may upset you!!

Jase went into garage and came into the house with the jug of windshield washer fluid.
That thing was sloshing all around and it wasn't light either. But once it got it inside he was not interested anymore. I guess because it was heavy and he couldn't get it open.
So below I must warn you is some awful photos. At least it was awful for me! Jase and I were playing outside yesterday when he decided to pick up one of the ceramic animals we have on the front porch. Well I told him that it was not a toy and that he needed to put it down. Just then he took a step forward smiling so excited that he had the duck in his hands. He stepped right where there is a step down and he came tumbling forward landing face down on the concrete sidewalk down three steps. The duck broke into pieces and I scooped him up quickly and ran inside. I was so scared to see what he looked like and below is what I found. Not with a smile at first though. He recovered very quickly and I am still suffering every time I see him.

Below is what it looks like today. Scabbed over and luckily no broken teeth!

You can't see it but he has a phone in his hand and he is putting it up to his ear (which is more like the back of his head)!! So cute. Hmmmmmm...I wonder where he learned that from.


Meaghan said...

oh my gosh carmen! my jaw dropped when i read what happened...i would have been horrified! and so scared.

isn't it such a blessing that kids are so resilient!? he looks just as happy as ever. you're a good mommy.

maria said...

Oh no, poor guy. You must have been so scared. I would have freaked out. Glad to see he is okay!

Anonymous said...

Your heart is still pounding!! I remember Michael's first BIG booboo! took pictures and had to sit down and count to 10..The movers were packing us , our housekeeper was watching me suffer and Michael and uncle Stan were having fun laughing!!!
love titi liany

Abuelito said...

Too bad he is still too young to learn from the School of Hard Knocks or is he? I can easily imagine how frightened you must have been at that moment. Good thing those are two low steps. I guess he already bounced back to his old self. dad

Mrs. V said...

At this rate it will be a miracle if he survives childhood. Wait until he needs stitches, you'll probably faint....and the first broken bone...yeah, that should put you in hysterics.
What a cute boy, I think God needs to assign him a second guardian angel.
Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance...I get to see boo-boo-face tomorrow...YEAH, YEAH, YEAH !!!!
Can you make the Abuelita sign, Jase ????

Mrs. V said...

I think that last photo is one of Jase making his latest sign. It means, "I want to call Abuelita!!! Sing to me, "La linds manita".

Anonymous said...

Grammy nearly cried when I saw little sweetheart all banged up!!!!!!What a SWEET BOY! Love and miss you all LOTZ! Grammy