Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Woodall Visit

This weekend we had The Woodalls come visit us. We just had a blast. It didn't snow here like other parts of Georgia but rain was plenty. On Saturday Erin and I took the kids to a place called Fort Discovery, which was a scientific place for people of all ages. The kids had fun trying different experiments and it was a great way to get them out of the house to burn off that energy. Luke and Jack are so full of energy and spent most of the time wrestling and throwing themselves to the floor. Their favorite movie right now is Nacho Libre and they watched it about four times yet I never got to watch the entire thing. Jase had a grand ole time with them and really liked having them all around. It was sad to have them leave. Hopefully they will be back again soon!

Jase wrestling with Luke.
Jase trying to play Jack's DS or should I say EAT IT!

The kids had so much fun in the bath. You can really tell by Jase's face.

Bowen checking out his precious John Deere boots and in his Carhartt overalls.
Luke, Bowen and Erin
Jase started having a high fever again this weekend. Here he is with his red hot cheeks. Poor guy just can't seem to kick the bug. Although he acted as if he didn't have a fever.
Ben, Luke and Jack hanging out watching a movie.
Jase was very sad that they had left.


Anonymous said...

Lots of beautiful BOYS!!! What could be more fun for Jase. I bet he did love having them there. Love you all, Grammy

maria said...

Looks like everyone had great time. Seems like Jase is ready for some siblings.

Anonymous said...

Love the last pic of Jase. Too cute. We really had an awesome time with ya'll.

~love Erin

Meaghan said...

oh gosh...that sad face...doesn't it just kill you?!?

jase looks SO BIG in the bath! he looks like a little boy...not a baby... :( they grow too fast....

Mrs. V said...

Jase looks like he would really like some older brothers, oops, too late, that can't happen. But he was taking some real good lessons on how to be a boy...wrestling and everything!!! He'll make a great big brother.
Now was that last picture orchestrated...what were the tears really for??? I'm sure, however, he was really that sad to see them leave, his living room has never been so much fun.
One question: Why is the bath water brown, is what I want to know???
Do we get to see him next week-end??? We have some birthdays to celebrate!
Hugs, Abuelita "La Linda Manita"

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you guys enjoyed the Woodall's visit. That last picture of Jase makes him look heart broken that his playmates had to leave. Needless to say, but I love his hair! Abuelito