Thursday, October 11, 2007

We have a camera again!!!!!

It's been hard not having a camera for a month! Jase has four teeth now. He has started waking up at least once in the night to nurse, so just like I thought it was only temporary. He is getting really good at standing all by himself for up to a minute. He can even hold things and shake them while he is standing alone. He is ten months old and I just can't believe in less than two months he will be ONE!!!!!!!! Time flies.

Here he is sucking/chewing on some frozen peaches with his mesh feeder.

Self portrait.
MOTHER quit kissing me!!!!!
Tasty yogurt times
He has a temper and here he is getting mad that he can't reach the toys on the back of the coffee table! He gets very angry with us if we tell him not to touch something and he literally tells us off! If we only knew what he was telling us while he is screaming at us. I will be so glad when he stops putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! His saliva messes up the ear piece of my cellphone so it makes people sound like they are far in a deep tunnel for a day then I guess it dries up and goes back to normal.


Mrs. V said...

Thanks for the photos, poor guy and his runny nose. I wanted to see more pictures...more, more, more of my cute little boo boo face.
When do we get to see him, it has been sooooo long? Maybe we can skype this week-end.
hugs and kisses to Jase from Abuelita

maria said...

He is getting cuter by the minute. I like his long hair. Can't wait to see the two of you in two weeks.

Dad said...

¡Que Pelu! You both look great! Jase's hair looks a reddish-brown. He still looks like he doesn't skip meals. Hugs, dad.

Anonymous said...

So precious!! He is getting so big:) Give him big kisses for me.
love, ERIN