Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend in Boston

Jase and I headed to Boston for the weekend to visit my sister. The flights were good and Jase did great considering being stuck on my lap for over two hours. Portable DVD player is a life saver!! (Thanks Dad) Weather was nice and company was great!

Here is Jase with the Boston Red Sox hat that Jamie got him. He looked so cool. I thought this photo was too cute.

Check out Jase's cute hat and matching booties. Titi Maria bought him a bunch of stuff from H&M. He got so many ooohs and aaahs while walking down the sidewalk.
Here he is hanging out on the couch with Titi Maria.
Maria taught me how to sew and I sewed a bib for Jase. Maria says I am a natural.

Here is Jase after two biter bisquits and his juice cup. What a mess he can make!
Maria had a Halloween party and Jase dressed up as a spider and I was his web.
After Jase went to sleep we changed costumes and Maria and I were Mexican wrestlers.
Jase enjoyed talking to Maria through the netting on the pack and play and he copied Maria when she would push her face up against it. pretty hilarious I must say!
Jase enjoyed the placement of his bed which was in front of the closet doors that were mirrors. We had such a great time and hated to say good-bye. Thank you Maria


Maria said...

Thanks for coming to visit. We had such a great time. Jase is so adorable and such a happy baby.

Meaghan said...

hilarious pictures....nice budlight and margarita in the sewing pic! love the hat too! he's so tolerant!