Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Favorite Things to do

Jase loves to read books. Whether it be by himself or someone else reading to him. Most of his toys that we have in the family room are books. He will sit there and flip through the books page by page. Another favorite thing to do is ride in the stroller. Here is our new double stroller so I can push him and Reese (little girl I watch) through the neighborhood. My parents came this past weekend with Elektra and my brother. Saturday we took the babies to get their pictures taken at the mall. Sheesh, I was breaking out in a sweat. Since Jase knows how to crawl all he wanted to do was crawl away. We got some good shots but it was hard. And of course the other thing that Jase loves to do is eat!
Elektra, Jase and Abuelita reading fun books.
Abuelita teaching Jase a Puerto Rican baby song. He loves it.
I mean come on, have you seen a child sitting so happily for almost 20 minutes on the couch while you read to him at 10 months old??!!
Jase loves his whole wheat frozen bagels

Going for a stroll...sorry Chopper, you can't go. Do you see the knowledge flowing in this photo. True daddy love. cute!!


Mrs. V said...

It was so much fun holding and hugging that huge hunk of baby, he is so solid. He is happy all the time except when you try to take something away from him....then he becomes a screaming fit.

He looks at all the pictures very intently, his favorite page was the Cat and the Fiddle nursery rhyme. Carmen says when she reads it to him he laughs when she gets to the part that says 'and the dish ran away with the spoon'.

Elektra was real good with Jase, learning how to share and to be gentle with him. She loved touching him and she gave him hugs.

eileen said...

very cute.
see you and the little man this weekend!

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh! so many new posts! great stroller! and glad to see jase is enjoying his books! ava lest me read to her...but she just likes the bright colors! super cute pic of father and son reading!