Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9 and a half months

Jase is really showing off his skills lately. He loves to practice standing by himself but no steps alone just yet. He picks up food with his fingers and feeds himself. I still make his baby food and I feed that to him, I am not ready to deal with all the mess that comes with them feeding themselves. He has three new teeth coming through, two on the top and one on bottom next to the two that he already has. He has been sleeping without waking me up for the past few nights (which is 13 or more hours at a time). Of course I still wake up in a panic and I also know that this sleeping thing will change without any warning. He loves to have books read to him and gets very angry if you stop. He also loves to "read" his books and turns the pages all by himself. He still enjoys jumping in his jumperoo but not for too long because he is always on the move with crawling and cruising around. With all this activity he takes two naps a day and goes to bed at 7pm. Enjoy the photos!
My handsome fellow ready to party.
He insists on standing up by himself and will push your hands off of him.
Don't you just want to squeeze and bite those arms.
Just hanging out with Abuelito
So cool in the shirt Titi Maria gave him from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Always smiling!
Maybe the Offensive Lineman on a football team one day. Go Irish and Dawgs!!!!!!
They have me caged up in here.


Mrs. V said...

Don't you just want to eat him up, what a cutie. Click on the photos to see the details, especially his tie with skull and cross bones, what a riot.
He pounds the floor when he is crawling at full speed with those big hands of his, I love it. He stops and makes certain you are following before he navigates out of the room.

maria said...

He is so precious. It sounds like he is ready to be a big boy. I love his smile and all the phone clothes you dress him in. The shirt I got him looks great.

Grandpa said...

Cool kid! Cool outfits! He looks gorgeous. Hide your daughters, Jase is in the neighborhood!

lillasysteryster said...

So lovely! :-D

Mrs. V said...

So adorable.
kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!!!
hugs from

titi said...

Carmen, You remind me so much of how I used to dress Michael when he was a baby! I love the outfit, tie and all! Love titi liany