Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Always crossing his ankles not matter what he is doing!
Jase and Jax playing together
Too cute, friends for life!
Jase showing off his skills of standing and holding a block all by himself.

Hey, get out of that cabinet! It's so much fun to play with kitchen items!

Why buy toys when you have a pack of wipes!

He loves his rocket except for when it vibrates and he jumps off.

Cheeks and lips to die for!
Coming to get mommy and that CAMERA
Can you believe such a happy baby can get soooooo angry
Couldn't resist getting this hat but he does not like having it on. We will wait till it gets cold and then I will make him keep it on.


Mrs. V said...

That was my favorite picture, close up of the crossed feet, I was going to put it as my screen saver!

"Mother, you didn't tell me you had all these cool things here in the kitchen for me to play with!"

I can't wait to see him eating Cherrios and clapping!
Abuelita Hugs

lillasysteryster said...

Must be nice to have a camera again!? Such lovely pictures :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmen, Erin and I cracked up at the picture of his cute stubby feet. You know how we are with baby feet.

love you,


niya said...

Those eyes are too much!

maria said...

OMG! He is so freaking cute. I can't wait to see him next week.

Meaghan said...

jax and jase...SO cute!!! and i'm totally lovin those cheeks, man!!