Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip to Virginia

For Memorial Day weekend we headed to Jason's parent's house for a quick weekend visit. We got to also see Jason's brother and his wife. She is pregnant and due in just a couple of weeks so it was really exciting to see her belly. She looked great and kind of, only a little wishing that I was pregnant. I need to get a handle on these boys I have before bringing another one along. So the weekend was great. Here are some pictures of a visit to the park.

Zach says "come on this way guys."

Jase loves to throw anything and here he is throwing wood chips.

Uh Oh there he is with a handful of more wood chips!

Zach having a blast with his Grammy. Jase digging in the chips with his train.

Playing soccor with PawPaw.

Zach can throw about any ball.

Here he goes kicking the ball.


It was a hot day up there.

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Meaghan said...

you capture such great moments with you camera!!