Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The lovely locks are gone!

Well there they are. The two ponytails that hold Jase's 3 1/2 years of curls. He did really good. When we first got there he was a little nervous. They wanted to wash his hair to get it all wet and conditioned it so that it would be easier to cut. This made Jase really upset.

After I measure the hair to make sure it's not ten inches I will be mailing it to Pantene for them to make a wig for a woman who has lost her hair due to cancer.

Jase did not like getting his hair shampooed one single bit.

Jase was just watching with a look of concern on his face but didn't make a peep.

Me trying to comfort Jase which only helped a little.

"Help save me" and "I didn't know what to do" is what he kept repeating.

Once he was out of that chair he was good. Still a little nervous till I gave him his new Berenstain Bears book and a piece of gum.

The first ponytail being chopped off.

It's gone!

Here goes the second one! I was too anxious about Jase freaking out that I didn't get a chance to be sad. It really was a relief to see the long hair cut.

Zach stood watching like a good patient boy.

I was tempted to tell him to leave it like this. maybe I will grow it out like this.

Looking in the mirror and happy.

Excited and nervous. Too freaking cute.

He was really excited afterwards and was giving away some good hugs.

It's a little shaggy so I am either going to let it grow out a bit or cut it shorter. I am going to buy some gel for it so I can see if I can style it.

Great Job Jase!!!! Holy cow! As if he didn't already look older than his age. Now he looks six!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great story and pictures. jase looks fabulous and Zaqui looked concerned. dad

Maria said...

I'm happy that Jase likes his haircut. You're right, he does look 6 now!

Katie Garvin said...

Yay, Jase!! So glad it went well. He looks so handsome!

Meaghan said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! It is crazy how different (and so much older!) he looks! I agree with you- I loved that shaggy look when it was still wet...but maybe he can have that when he's a cool know-it-all teenager. ;) Zach was so cute watching...just wanting to make sure his brother was okay. :) Very cute. And so awesome that someone's getting that hair for a wig! A great story!

Meaghan said...

PS. He was so sweet giving all those hugs! :)

Amy said...

He looks too cute! I can't believe how much older he looks! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Jase, you look great and happy! You did really good. titi Liany

Erin said...

oh.my.gosh.~ i almost cried when i saw it short! soooooo freakin' handsome it is not even funny~ can i have a bite please? he looks 13 instead of 3~ha! can't wait to see it in person too. hey, atleast he won't have to wear ponytails in the pool anymore! love y'all~ erin

Andrea said...

What a cutie and he does look so much older!! I think that is so neat that they can make a wig out of his hair.

Zach is so precious too! Can you believe our babies are going to be two years old soon??? Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Zaqui was probably worried he was going to be next !!!

I almost cried when I saw that snip that cut off those curls...sniff sniff.

No more "girl with the curls" look!

Luckily he calmed down, good boy.


Betsy said...

he looks great! great photos and wonderful result!! Shaggy look was cool - but I bet a crew cut would be awesome too. He has such beautiful features and now you can really see them! love it!