Monday, June 14, 2010

Boys being Boys

Jase is communicating better and better. It is taking some practice and we have to constantly tell him how to say things but he is getting it. He usually says "you" for "me" and "I". He still gets quite upset at little things but we are working at trying to use words instead of screaming and freaking out. Work in progress! Jase is such an awesome swimmer. He does not use any type of floatation device in the pool. He jumps off the diving board and the sides and then swims to the sides all on his own. It's amazing how well he does. It's so cute to see him put his head under the water and swim.

Zach is a real pistol! He's just as sweet and calm as he is fiery. He stays next to me when we go outside and doesn't run off like his big brother. He is saying more words and still uses signs to communicate with us. He used to not want to get any where near the pool. But he now loves getting in. He plays on the steps and hangs on the handle and swings back and forth. He even loves to put his mouth under water to blow bubbles.

Zach absolutely loves playing on the golf cart any time we are in the garage.

These two don't stop moving! Not even while eating Popsicles.

We have two hawks that have made the backyard their home. I could only get one of them in a picture.

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