Sunday, June 13, 2010


The boys love to paint. It's neat to see Zach be so precise with his paint brush.

Jase goes into another world. His favorite is to scoop a little bit of paint from each color and then paint on the paper.

Zach driving Sir Topham Hatt through the paint.

The curls and sweet little face that I love.

Happy camper!

Taking a different perspective on the paint.

Like his brother and driving things through the paint.

Jase saw that I was letting Zach put the toy in the paint so he joined in on the fun.

My sister came to visit and while I was cooking I found them all cozy on the couch watching "Finding Nemo."


Zach loves playing with the iphone. Good thing my sister has a fun toddler application for him to play with. He can't get enough.


Amy said...

Lots of cute updates. I can't wait to see his hair after Thursday! Woohoo...

Titi Maria said...

I had a great time with the boys and on my adventures the mayor of Warner Robins (aka Carmen).

I'm glad Zach and Jase enjoying painting.

You're right, Zach is as sweet as he is fiery! I love that picture of him in the green shirt with the chocolate on his face.

I'll miss Jase's hair too, but I'm sure he will look just as adorable with short hair.