Friday, November 14, 2008

This past week has gotten away from me and I didn't realize I had not posted in over a week. We are settling real good in our routine and taking care of the three kids is a lot easier than I had anticipated. Jase is still going to the Mother's Day Out program two mornings a week and he still cries every time I leave him. Sigh. Reese, Zach and I usually go shopping during that time until I pick Jase up. His language is just booming and he is able to say just about everything! He even says several word sentences. He repeats everything, even the things we didn't realize we were saying. When ever the baby cries he always says "Baby Zach is hungry." And most of the time it's true. He is still absolutely in love with his baby brother and can't get enough love from him. Zach doesn't seem to mind and actually calms when Jase is around if he is in distress. I have been telling Jase to tell Zach "don't cry" when Zach is crying. So now when Jase cries (or fake cries) he will say "don't cry." At first I thought this must be what the teacher was telling him then realized he was repeating what I had told him to tell Zach. Zach seems to be even more easy going than Jase which really helps when watching two toddlers. He is smiling and trying to talk to us which is just precious. My sister and parents are coming this weekend to visit. It's the first time my sister is getting to meet Zach and I am very excited about this. Hopefully the weather will dry up!

Zach and his first bath. He looks really big in that baby tub! He loved his bath just like his brother did.
Hanging out at night before going to sleep. He likes to be with me in the evening for a couple hours and goes to bed when we do. Otherwise he wakes up if I put him in the bed too soon.

I just loved how he had his hands in the photo.

What a big boy! Trying his hardest to get that door to open.

He was squealing and running in the pic. I thought it looked hysterical.

Lady killer!

Learning to unzip

He just loves to swing. One day Jason pushed him for over half an hour and when he got off of it, it looked like he had been drinking booze. I was very worried because he was falling and walking sideways for more than 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder what is going on in that head

Zach paying very close attention to his daddy.

Lickable lips!


Mrs. V said...


What precious boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the other grandmother OMG,OMG They are Precious!!! Zach is changing so quickly and Jase is LEARNING so much, so quickly!! Glad Maria gets to meet the boys this weekend. Love you all and miss you all SOOOOO much. Anxious to get together at Tim's soon. Grammy

Meaghan said...

what great pictures!! :) i really LOVE the swing pictures! i saw some of them on facebook and loved them in black and white too! that one of him looking through the deck is TOO much!

the one of zach looking so intently at you before bed is so sweet. you're such a good mama. :)

way to go taking care of 3 kids! more power to ya!!

Betsy said...

Can't wait to see both the handsome boys this weekend! Watch out, I may want to steal one of them.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time visiting with you these last four days. Jase is dynamite on two legs and Zach spends his time charging his batteries to complement his big brother Jase at a later date. Pity mom and dad! Good looking boys, we love you (all). Otoh.....