Monday, November 03, 2008

Brotherly Love

Precious Halloween outfit that Melissa gave him.
Zach was having a great time just looking around outside while the kids played on the swing set. The blanket he is on is a muslim wrap swaddler which is divine because it's huge and breathable fabric so I know he won't be sweltering at night. (Thank you Meaghan!!!!)

Where did Zach go? Yes he is under there somewhere.

He just can't get enough hugs and kisses from his baby brother.

Look at the look of love on his face. It truly is amazing.

Crooked smile

Just a little note...Jase had to go to the doctor for a cold and breathing issues last week. They had to prescribe him an inhaler. He actually does it and doesn't complain. He will do it with the tube attachment and without. I can even squirt saline in his nose and he comes back for more! He is feeling lots better and the inhaler was a life saver for his breathing. When they weighed him he was 37lbs 2ozs!!!!! He will be 23 months Wednesday and Zach turned 1 month yesterday.
Zach's eyes are dark but they are lightening up. Right now they look brownish in the middle and dark grey on the outsides. He has dimples on both cheeks and a little pink birthmark on his right thigh. He has three swirls of hair across his brow line. One in each eyebrow and then a swirl right in between them. He has two cowlicks on the back of his head that swirl in opposite directions. This past weekend we went to Atlanta for the first time since Zach was born. We had a great time visiting with everyone. Thank you to those lovely friends that were able to come and meet him.
Check out this video. For some reason I can not get videos to embed into my blog.


Maria Villamarzo said...

Amazing photos! Jase is so adorable with Zach.

Mrs. V said...

Geez, you almost videotaped Jase's scary, he must have several angels in charge of him. I can see Zach's swirls if I clicked on the photos to view them larger.....hmmph, will his eyebrows ever be straight? Jase just loving on him in soooo amazing, he is a sweet boy. You're doing a great job, Carmen, feeding Zach, look at those fat fingers!!!
I'm resting up for my next visit, coming up real soon....can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Precious moments recorded. I love the affection Jase has for his brother Zach. Best friends for sure.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't yet viewed the video you posted with this latest update, but I have now and cracked up laughing. Only a boy not yet quite two would do that. Hilarious!! Little dare devil... abuelito

Meaghan said...

i'm totally lovin' zach's little perfect lips! and his perfect nose! oh, so cute. the brother pics are so sweet...jase is such a sweet little boy!

the video...hysterical! love jason at the end!

how much does zach weigh now? how's the breastfeeding going!?


ps. fyi- (so people aren't offended!) the blankets are muslin (with an 'n'), like the cloth/material, not muslim! ;)

carmen said...

oh my goodness...oops, i need to reread my posts before posting them!!! hahahaha....