Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last weekend my parents came and stayed till Tuesday night. So Wednesday and Thursday I was alone with all three kids (including the little girl I watch). I was still able to take Jase to school on Wednesday and went shopping with Zach and Reese. I was able to spend the gift cards we received to Babies R Us which was fun!! Zach had a check up on Friday and he weighed 10lbs 6ozs, that's a whoping 2lbs 6ozs since leaving the hospital in less than three weeks. Everything looked great. He is so sweet and is sleeping great. He usually wakes up for a couple hours at a time during the day and has been sleeping through the night with waking up two times to nurse. There have been a couple nights when he thought it was time to stay awake during one of the feeds. Last night he slept from 8pm to 2am without waking up to nurse!! I woke up panicked and I tried to wake him at 1:15am to get him to nurse but he wouldn't budge. While we were at the doctor's office the doctor suggested that we go ahead and give Jase one of his flu shots while we were there already. Jase did awesome and watched the entire procedure and only let out a cry while the needle went in and then he was okay when the nurse promised him some stickers. As she left the room he kept saying "Stickers, stickers, stickers" to make sure she didn't forget. The nurse put the stickers on his hands and he was so proud. I have put stickers on him once before and he ripped them right off. He kept these on for about an hour till we got home and showed his daddy. Now the stickers are on his red wagon along with all his other stickers he has gotten. I will have to take a picture of that on another day!

Here he is a home with his stickers on his hands.
It was raining hard so I put his hoodie on and he actually left it on. This photo was taken with my phone so it's kind of fuzzy. He is zombieeed out watching Dora.

While Jason watches football we needed something for Jase to do without all the tears and staying warm inside. So we moved the TV from guest bedroom into his room. It only has basic cable so we shall see how he likes it. We also need to figure out how we can set it up so that he isn't sitting inches away from the screen and not pull it down from somewhere up high.

Jase loves his baby brother and always wants to hug, kiss and lay on him. Zach doesn't seem to mind but it makes others nervous.

Sweet cuddly Zach


Anonymous said...

Wow! Jase will make every almost 2 year old jealous with that TV!!! Are you placing parental controls on all the news shows? LOL He looks so transfixed on his program.

Love titi liany

Anonymous said...

the picture of Jase "holding" Zack is tooooo precious. I would love a copy to look at the two of them often. They both have changed since we were there.Bob prints your pictures and takes them home for Nene to see.I miss you all so very much. Kiss the boys for me-all3 of them. Lots of love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

GUys he is too precious I can't wait to see the little guy again. I was on the sick and shut in this weekend.

Meaghan said...

oh my gosh....that picture of jase watching the tv is too much. i didn't even realize it was a picture of HIM until I read your comment! he looks so small sitting in the corner. didn't anyone tell him he's gonna go cross-eyed sitting that close?!?! :)

love the zombie pic in the car...that's how ava is with nemo! what a trooper with the shot. i think that's un heard of at his age! he must be advanced. ;)

can't wait to meet zach. WOW, WOW on sleeping from 8 to 2. i think that's officially sleeping through the night!

Anonymous said...

I'll say that Jase is a real trouper the way he handled the flu shot. The picture in the car seat doesn't hide his bigness, he is real BIG and Zach is not far behind. They both look gorgeous and healthy! Can't wait to see you (all) next weekend. Don't forget to bring Jase's football jerseys, both of them. He'll need spirit wear for the Georgia and Notre Dame games. dad

Mrs. V said...

Oh, cool beans, a TV in my room. I know exactly where to sit to see it real good. I have wanted a TV in my room my whole life!
Zach is saying...."I think I see/smell my brother"...
I love Jase's hoodie, it looks roomy, soft and warm!
Zach is starting to look like people....are his eyes still swollen? I hope he doesn't have any allergies.
We have a pumpkin and a Tigger costume Jase can wear on Friday if he is feeling up to trick-or-treating.