Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Time!

As Jase would say....Ok .... so. Carmen Yvonne and myself are here at the hospital. We got here at 6am sharp and they hooked her up to the monitors and started her IV. She is having irregular contractions every 10 minutes or so. The nurse tried to check her but wasn't able to get a good reading. They have started the oxytocin drip at a slow rate. All is good watching FOXNEWS. Jase and Abuelito slept in this morning and will be joining us later after bfast. Will keep you updated. Jason


titi said...

Carmen, as usual, my niece looks fabulous even in the labor room! Take your time Mr. Ames the 3rd will come when he wants. God Bless you and the baby. You will be in my prayers today as always. Titi litany

Bob said...

Eagerly awaiting.
Bob, Barb, Sarah and Robby

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Glad to see you are well and looking good even in the hospital garb. Jase stayed in his crib until 7:40 talking to himself, sitting up and lying down and sitting up again and lying down again. I decided it was time to get him out from behind the bars. Changed his Pamper and to save wipes I washed him up in the tub/shower and now he is Spic and Span ready for inspection. Gave him breakfast made up of Rice Krispies (Snap, Crackle and Pop) and milk with half a banana and grapes. He drank some OJ also. Now he is watching 'Baby Einstein' holding on to his rocket ship., Jase and abuelito at this end are well. Oh yeah, Choppie did his thing in the backyard and then ate his breakfast, too. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are so blessed to have such a supportive family. I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to see you holding that precious baby! As always, you look beautiful no matter what! I'll be thinking about you today! Kisses, loves and hugs.