Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jase's language and communication is just developing more and more each day. It truly is amazing to watch this creature develop and grow. I have signed him up for a Mother's Day Out program starting in one month. He will go every Tuesday and Thursday from 930-130 (I will probably pick him up earlier than that because of his nap). I am really excited about him going and interacting with other children his age. It will be very sad to leave him there but he will have a blast! It will be a month before baby is born so I think it will give him enough transition time so that he doesn't feel like I have dumped him because new baby is here. I will still be watching the other child so it really isn't much of break but a chance for him to really get his social skills going. I am feeling great and 30 weeks pregnant. It truly is flying by and we just can't wait for this new bundle to get here. Still no name so don't think we have a big secret of some sorts.

Jason taking Jase for an evening walk through the neighborhood. He decided he wanted to wear daddy's hat and actually keep it on.
Jason was on the back porch doing bubbles with Jase and he decided that he wanted to jump in his little pool with all his clothes on. So Jason took them all off.
He loves to climb up on the chair and see if he can get away with standing up.
He was eating green beans with ranch dressing. Want some?
He never sits in this although it's supposed to grow with child from infant to toddler. I thought it was cute that he pulled it out and actually sat in it for a couple of minutes.

Could you just eat him up!?
Opening his surprise, we love this photo of him getting up close and looking in.
That is a look of happiness and shock...priceless!
Watching Little Einsteins while playing with his rocket.
Lick Lick Lick...yum yum yum


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute, in all the pictures, but the one on the street in his stroller with Jason is tops. Miss you all. dad

Anonymous said...

Oooops!! Forgot to mention the one of Jase with his mommy sitting on the floor is right up there with the stroller picture. dad

Carolina Mama said...

He is adorable! I can see how he lights up your life.

Meaghan said...

LOVE him looking in that present! Very sweet. Gosh, it sounds like he's changing every second, huh?! Learning something new! Love the naked shots!