Monday, July 14, 2008

Disappearing Baby

My baby is becoming a little boy and oh it makes me happy and sad at the same time. He really is being able to communicate with us for his needs and wants and just for fun too. He is such a big story teller. He still babbles but there are more recognizable words mixed in. I was just telling Jason how great the basic signs have come in handy for us because otherwise we would have absolutely no clue as to what Jase wants. I used to use the sign "drink" often but then had not really done it since I just used the words milk for it instead and we know he knows how to sign milk. So the other day he was doing a sign that looked kind of looked like "mama" but that wasn't what he was saying so I just said "oh well." Then he did it again the next day and we figured it out to be "drink" and I just thought it was so neat that he has decided to use that sign now. He can recognize different cartoon characters now and can say their names, which can be interesting in the store, although he hasn't had a fit for any toys on the shelves. (I know it's only a matter of time.) He also likes to repeat what they do on the different shows. For instance, on the show Little Einsteins they pat themselves to make the rocket lift off and fly. So randomly he will start saying "pat pat pat" and pat his thighs, when the show isn't even on. I have even seen him on the monitor doing this in his crib.

This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend with just hanging out at home. We ran some errands and Jason repainted the mailbox and post. The neighborhood wanted all the mailbox posts repainted. Jase even helped out a bit but since he is so on the "go go go" he wasn't out there too long with Jason. Yesterday I was able to slip away by myself and I went to see Sex and the City movie. It was very funny and a few moments I almost shed a tear. I highly recommend it, even if you never watched the show which I rarely did. We also made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and have a funny story to tell as a result. We were at the checkout and Jase was too close to the counter and he was able to reach the display of these little pig key chain lights. He reached over quickly and picked up a few but returned all but one of them which he held on to tightly. I tried to tell him to put it back and then I tried to negotiate with him, all the while trying to prevent a total Freakfest (as I like to call it). The cashier then tried to intervene and asked Jase if he would give her the key chain back. He thought about it and then reached over to the other key chains and grabbed one and handed the darn thing to her!! Can you believe he actually was able to think this up all by himself? I couldn't help but laugh but soon had to just take it from him and run out the store while he screamed his head off. We hope you had a fun weekend and enjoy the photos!

Here he is telling stories of rockets flying.
Him and I trying to keep cool while it's blistering hot outside.
Using my belly as an arm rest. His shirt says it all.
That is a little boy sitting on our floor!!!!
Eating some Cheezits and laughing at mama
Hanging outside with Daddy Checking out the mailbox post


Anonymous said...

Nice story about the pig key chain lights. He listened, gave some thought to what he heard and then he made a decision, very smart of him. He is such a good looking boy! The Black and White photo is fascinating, good idea. I think B&W photos are always nice. It's awfully hot over here, too, and don't even mention the humidity! dad

Mrs. V said...

That's it, I'm moving in! I'm giving my notice today and starting the paperwork for early retirement. I can't stand to spend so much time away from this lovely creature.
Last time you were here while I'm carrying him around the pool he signed to me "book" as if to say, "Abuelita, I'm tired, the water's too cold and there is too much noise at the pool, could you read me a book, I like it when you read to me?" so special!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see y'all at the BEACH soon. Sooooooo delicious and SMART!!! Love and miss you all, Grammy

Mrs. V said...

Hey!? What happened to the helping Daddy sand photo?

Meaghan said...

Oh my gosh....the key chain story is awesome. What a smart boy he is! He was doing all this negotiating all in his head...out smarting everyone!

Good for you for slipping away to see a movie! Glad to hear you don't have to watch the show to understand the movie. I started renting the show dvd's, but i'm still only on the first season!!

Very sweet black and white pic. Does he know there's a baby cooking in there?

Thanks for the update!