Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Weekend in Videos

I took Jase to a Jumping Zone and he loves it. Check him out trying to go up the stairs to do the slide.

A friend's friend was there and she helped me by taking Jase up the slide. He was excited and couldn't wait. Poor guy, I wish I could take him but the last time I did it I got a pain in my stomach so I probably shouldn't try it again.

For a while we were the only ones in the place but then several kids came in. Check out this little bully grabbing Jase's arm and not letting go. I tried to let him figure out what to do on his own. Finally the second time I had to intervene. What was this kid's deal????

He's real proud of stacking blocks, my precious little buddy.

This one is a bit long.

We bought Jase a toy that was something we knew he would love. We never buy him toys so this was special. He loves to watch Little Einsteins and see his response to opening the surprise. At the end you can see how he is signing "want/more" for us to open it. When it was time for a bath it was not a pretty sight when we had to seperate him from the rocket.

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